Bona has launched Bona Quantum, a new silane-based adhesive that also acts as a moisture barrier.

This new-generation adhesive features Bona’s Titanium Technology which provides quadruple crosslinking properties for superior durability, and quick bonding for faster installation.

Bona Quantum offers accelerated curing with a high initial bonding strength. On application, it’s hard elastic which allows the floor to acclimatise. Over time, the adhesive hardens and strengthens to provide a hard foundation. Floors installed with Bona Quantum can be walked on 4-6 hours after installation.

In line with the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, new Bona Quantum is packaged in 15kg packs comprised of 75% post-consumer recycled plastic, reducing Bona’s product carbon footprint by 60%.

Slightly thicker viscosity Bona Quantum T is also available in ‘sausage’ packs. These are available in 600ml (1kg) and 5400ml (9kg) options offering substantially reduced waste packaging and a longer shelf life.

When applied using the new Bona Trowel Plus, Bona Quantum also works as a built-in moisture barrier, up to 95% RH, saving working time and delivering a successful floor installation on a wide range of substrates.


Bostik Roll is a solvent-free adhesive tape for the fast installation of skirting, capping strips, cove formers and other floor or wall mounted accessories.

An effective alternative to water and solvent-based adhesives, Bostik Roll is supplied in ready-to-use, dry adhesive rolls in widths of 25mm, 50mm and 85mm – providing a convenient, easy and clean installation that resists plasticiser migration. A new 240mm version is also available for larger applications, such as installing vinyl on stairways, providing fitters with more choice and flexibility.

As the adhesive is dry, there’s no curing time required, meaning no waiting around and the area remains free from any overspill. This makes it ideal for use in sensitive areas, such as healthcare settings.

Fully-compatible with PVC coverings and under-floor heating systems, with a temperature resistance of -40°C to +120°C, the reinforced adhesive tape provides an immediate, extra-strong grip and long-life bond.

As it’s solvent-free, Bostik Roll is an environmentally friendly option that has less impact on the building occupants. It achieves A+ and EC1 Plus ratings with LEED and EN 13999:2007 for BREEAM, thanks to its very low VOC emissions. 10 AWARDS 2021

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The 240mm version of Bostik Roll was recently used to install vinyl flooring on the stairs at a leading UK food production facility, underlining its compliance with the strictest health and safety standards. To read the case study, please click here.


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