UZIN NC 196 is a cost-effective fibre-reinforced smoothing compound for thickness from 3 to 40mm. The special benefits of UZIN NC 196 is its combination of economical preparation, wide range of uses and application properties. UZIN NC 196 is ideal for use over flooring grade plywood, chipboard and wood floor boards when screw fixed.

It is enriched with reinforcement fibres which helps reduce the formation of cracks and is low stress even when applied in greater thicknesses up to 40mm. With good strength and excellent flow, it is easy to apply.

UZIN NC 196 has been awarded an EC1 plus certification for being very low emission (TVOC limit after 28 days is less than 60 μg/m³) and provides the most ecological approach for flooring installations.

Suitable for surface smoothing and levelling work. UZIN NC 196 produces smooth surfaces with good absorbency for use with textile and resilient floorcoverings as well as for the installation of tiling and natural stone.

● Fibre reinforced ● Excellent flow properties and pumpable ● Rapid setting ● Rapid drying ● Low stress ● Excellent absorbency ● High compressive and tensile strength VAN GOGH Karndean Designflooring

Karndean Designflooring introduced its new look multi-format Van Gogh collection in September 2020. It features natural wood looks available in both rigid core and gluedown luxury vinyl formats, as well as its first herringbone designs in a rigid core specification.

Designed to offer interior designers, architects and contractors greater flexibility, it means the same design can be specified in either gluedown or rigid core across different environments as part of the same project.

Whilst rigid core is the format of choice for wellness and wellbeing with its K-Core technology helping to reduce sound transfer to rooms below by 21dB, gluedown is most recognised for its flexibility in design with bespoke cuts, laying patterns and added design features available.

The new look collection features the brand’s most recognised contemporary and classic designs in a standard 48” x 7” size, as well as welcoming six designs inspired by European oaks and American barnwood in a larger 56” x 9” plank and four exclusive 28” x 7” herringbones.

Like all Karndean floors, the designs are handcrafted to reflect the intricate beauty of real timber, but Grey Brushed Oak, Warm Brushed Oak and Golden Brushed Oak feature a new, natural wood grain emboss, accentuating the natural texture and aesthetics of the individual wood that inspired it.

For modern industrial or rustic commercial interiors, Salvaged Barnwood is a perfect match with its deep variation and vibrant brunette tones available in a 56” x 9” plank and 28” x 7” herringbone. Tweet us @TContractFloors AWARDS 2021 25

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