CERAtouch is the latest addition to the COREtec STONE range of rigid composite floors.

Combining the strength, look and feel of a ceramic tile with the comfort and ease of installation of a soft floor, CERAtouch brings you the best of both worlds. The range is available in a large number of designer-curated tile and stone designs.

CERAtouch is built around a high-density core composed of limestone particles, void of PVC. Its longevity is assured by multiple high-performance wear layers giving it a scratch resistance equal to or better than that of a ceramic tile but without the brittleness. There’s no chance of accidental breakage during installation, which is a recurring problem with genuine ceramics.

Laying a CERAtouch floor is easy and straightforward and thereby offers new and unheard-of opportunities for the renovation market. It can be directly laid on an older floor or a slightly uneven surface without print-through. Thanks to its secure tap angle system CERAtouch is self-aligning so even a novice can fit it.

CERAtouch is 100% waterproof and its slim, tight seams add to its natural and hyperrealistic look.

Well suited for the project and renovation market There’s no needfor surface preparation as CERAtouch adapts to moderate irregularities without print-through and can be installed on top of an existing floor. Handling is easy thanks to its lightweight structure (about half the weight of a ceramic tile). Because installation is done by clicking, not gluing, he whole process is rapid and straightforward allowing for same-day walk-on, thus avoiding costly downtime.



Developed with sustainable material at its core, the EGGER PRO Design Flooring GreenTec range, offers a solution for commercial and residential interiors.

Stylish, yet functional, the 10 carefully chosen oak, marble, stone and slate decors offer reproductions with an authentic finish. All based on natural elements, the neutral colour palette brings flexibility when planning, as the decors complement many different looks.

EGGER PRO Design Flooring GreenTec is more environmentally- friendly than plastic-based flooring products. 67% of the material used in the product is from renewable resources, 61% is waste by- products from the sawmill, and all of the wood used is sourced from certified forests. It is also 100% PVC and plasticisers free, which hugely benefits the environment, and promotes healthy living.

Class 33 and a R10 anti-slip rating makes PRO Design Flooring GreenTec a suitable product for commercial areas that require a hardwearing and safe floor. The antibacterial (tested according to ISO 22196) surface layer is durable, resistant to micro scratches and stains, and easy to maintain.

State-of-the-art technology brings additional benefits to this range of flooring. An integrated recycled cork sound underlay contributes towards a quieter environment and comfortable walking surface. A specially developed water resistant layer, approved by the North American Laminate Floor Association, means that the floor can be exposed to water for up to 72 hours.

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