Altro Wood adhesive-free floor is a safety wood-look product with easy cleanability; perfect for decorative, homely or biophilic areas. Created with design freedom in mind, Altro Wood adhesive-free shares some designs with Altro Wood Comfort and Altro Wood, allowing you to coordinate floors with different performance criteria across different areas of the building.

Benefits include enhanced comfort underfoot and greater sound impact reduction, as well as creative freedom as more colour and wood design options give flexibility for differing application areas. Altro’s adhesive- free floors feature the most advanced Altro Easyclean technology, while retaining the benefits of reduced installation time and 100% recyclability.

Altro Wood adhesive-free is the first floor to use Altro’s innovative underside emboss structure, which provides 14dB impact sound reduction and comfort underfoot. It has 12 wood-look designs, enabling you to create biophilic, stylish, or warm and homely aesthetics together with the safety and durability needed for medium to high traffic areas. With a 10-year guarantee and Altro’s one in a million slip-resistance reassurance, it provides a safe, durable and decorative solution for busy spaces.

Using Altro’s award-winning adhesive-free installation method, you can halve installation time compared with a traditional adhered installation. Depending on substrate condition, a 200m² corridor would be laid in two days compared with four days with an adhered floorcovering, with a significant cost saving too.

With no DPM and no adhesive required, floors can be welded and walked on the same day, making them ideal for busy public spaces where disruption needs to be minimal.


MEMBRANE SYSTEM Amber Underfloor Heating

The new Amber Decoupling Membrane is two products in one. Firstly, as a decoupling membrane guarding against movement in the subfloor which can cause tiles to crack and secondly as a heating cable carrier providing warmth to floors. The polypropylene membrane has rounded square-shaped studs that form channels specially designed to embed and fasten electric heating cables. Coupled with the Amber Heating Cable, the system is ideal for small or large installations and awkward areas within a property where flexibility is required. Depending on the cable spacing, the cable can provide a power output for either primary or secondary heat.

Available in 5m and 15m rolls, the Amber Decoupling Membrane has a thickness of 5.5mm and does not require expansion joints in the screed before laying ceramic and natural stone tiles. It’s also a waterproof membrane when the Amber waterproofing tape and sealant is used. With the Amber heating cables available from 10m lengths to 165m lengths, Amber can cover any project area size.

Typically used in tiled areas, the system can also be used with varying floorcoverings such as carpet, vinyl and timber floors. Full instructions, recommendations and technical information is provided with the product to ensure the correct installation and product care is taken.

There has been a 7% growth in the underfloor heating market this year and Amber Underfloor Heating is going from strength to strength only a couple of years after launch. Amber products are distributed exclusively through wholesalers, retailers and retail showrooms. Tweet us @TContractFloors AWARDS 2021 7

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