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Eeeeeee It’s good to be back! The Post is such a great way to find out what’s happening in and around Cockermouth – I don’t think we realised how important it was until Helen was taken ill and this great local publication stopped dropping through our letterboxes. I have certainly missed reading what everyone has to say, although I’m sure Mike and Helen haven’t missed trying to make sense of my dire punctuation every month. On a happier note after a phone call from a distraught local support group “insomniacscantsnorerus” (North Lakes branch) I was able to continue writing and they were very grateful to read at least the first few lines of my article every month.

It was so sad to hear about the horrendous acts of terrorism in Christchurch and Sri Lanka, we regularly send clients to both destinations, thankfully none were affected. The travel advice for New Zealand is fine unlike Sri Lanka which the FCO is currently

advising against all but essential travel. Jackie L visited Sri Lanka last year on an educational visit and absolutely loved the amazing food, beautiful temples, seeing elephants in the wild and chilling out on the stunning beaches. These kind, courteous people who work hard looking after tourists, will now be out of work, so let’s hope they can get back to normal very soon.

Stottie and I had a great Easter week skiing (her! she skis like a lunatic!) & snowboarding (me! it’s easier on my dodgy knees) in Obergurgl in Austria. The snow conditions were superb, Obergurgl is one of my go to resorts for late season skiing. We stayed in the Haus Gurgl hotel, beautiful rooms, fab food and nice spa for those blizzard days! Après ski was provide by the Nederhutte where dancing on the tables is de rigueur! Alternative resorts would be Zermatt (pretty village with Matterhorn views that links to Cervinia in Italy) or Van Thorens where you

can ski up to 3200 meters (not pretty – think high rise estate in the mountains BUT amazing skiing)

Reminders! From 1st October you will need an e-visa to visit New Zealand and if you are visiting Turkey you need to take a printed copy of your e-visa.

Don’t forget to follow our Instagram page where we will be posting pictures of all the places we visit on our travels.

One for the mother in law! South Korea is creating walking trails in the demilitarised zone that separates the south from North Korea. Walkers will be provided with helmets and bullet proof vests and be guided through ancient mine fields by soldiers from South Korea who sometimes remember to apply the safety catch!

Paul Cusack Cockermouth Travel

Themed Evenings for 2019

This Autumn we will again be hosting some fantastic themed evenings. If we are covering somewhere of interest then please call to book, put a note in your diary and we will see you later in the year. The cost is £2.50 per person which we will match and donate to a Cumbrian charity. We ask you to arrive at 6.15pm (wine & soft drinks provided) the presentation will start at 6.30pm lasting around 45 minutes, followed by time to chat and ask questions.

• 8th October – Hurtigruten Cruises: Norway, Arctic & Antarctic Expeditions

• 15th October – New Zealand • 5th November - India • 19th November – South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya. • Australia date TBA • Japan date TBA

If you are interested in alternative destinations give us a call we may be able to arrange additional evenings.


Brexit advice for travellers

The Brexit extension to 31 October 2019 has provided absolute certainty that all current arrangements for travel will remain as they are today. • You will still have access to state medical care in any EU country as long as you have an up to date European Health Insurance Card. We always advise that travellers should also take out travel insurance and make sure it covers any medical conditions or activities they plan to do.

• Your pet passport will still be valid.

• If you plan to drive in the EU, you won’t need an International Driving Permit, and if you are taking your own car, you won’t need a Green Card for insurance.

• You will be able to move through UK ports and airports as usual, using the EU/EEA passport gates.

• All consumer rights and benefits from EU laws will also remain including airline compensation for delays or cancellation, and the ability to use your mobile phone abroad without additional charges.

• Your passport should be valid for 6 months after your return to the UK.

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