Since we last appeared in The Cockermouth Post, your local Country Market has grown, with new producers and new products. We hope you’ll visit us inside the United Reformed Church on Main Street, near the library, on Friday mornings, to have a look at the new crafts and foods. Here’s a photograph of a specially-ordered card made by Janet. It folded flat to slip into its envelope and is already on its way to Australia!

Everything we sell is locally-grown, locally-cooked and locally- crafted!

A host of celebrities and VIP’s attended the event at the Marriott Hotel in London’s Grosvenor Square, including Sally Lindsay, Andrea McLean, Alice Beer and Ollie Locke, plus renowned chefs Ken Hom, Simon Rimmer and Nigel Haworth. Also attending were Tom Watson, Deputy leader of

the Labour party and

representatives from the Korean and Chinese Embassies, as well as some of the biggest influencers in Oriental food, eminent food writers and prominent community leaders.

SHOP LOCAL, YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE! We’re open from 9.00am-12.30pm every Friday

EAT FOR A BETTER LIFE! 7.30pm Wednesdays 12th June - 17th July

Lorton Street Methodist Church In the Garden Room

Come and learn to eat well Give up dieting for ever Enjoy more Energy and Better Health

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Members of the public voted over a six- week period, which resulted in Mizu being named a finalist as Best Newcomer, competing against Bao & Bing and Sarap Filipino BBQ & Lechon, both based in London and Michael Wan's Wok Inn from Blackpool.

Attending the awards ceremony on behalf of Mizu were Dani Hope, Director, Mark


Continued from cover...

Harris, Group Executive Chef, Matt Collins, Hotel General Manager and Antonio De Gracia, Mizu Chef.

Dani commented: “What a night, thank you to all our fantastic customers and followers who voted for us and we can’t quite believe we’ve won Best Newcomer at The Golden Chopsticks Awards! Who would have thought our restaurant in the Borrowdale Valley would win in a nation full of Pan Asian restaurants! We’re over the moon.”

Gok Wan, co-founder and host of the awards commented: “After the amazing success of our first awards last year, we knew it was going to be a tall order to go bigger and better this year, but we feel we pulled it off! The Golden Chopsticks Awards has cemented itself into the culinary calendar.

“What an amazing night, bringing together the good and the great from the oriental food world in one room, with winners covering the broad spectrum of Asian food, from Chinese, Japanese and Thai to Vietnamese, Malaysian, Filipino and Korean.

“It was fantastic to see so many accomplished restaurateurs in the room, alongside the rising stars of the future! It was a real honour to host what is now one of my favourite nights of the year!”

eat to save the planet ~ NUTRITION WITH JACKIE ~

Climate change has hit the headlines. Sir David Attenborough said: “The enemy is waste; when you see what’s thrown away, it’s shameful.”

The most environmentally damaging industry is air and sea travel, next comes fast fashion but food is right up there. The way we farm, process, eat and waste food are unsustainable. Estimates of food waste are 1/3 – 1/2; that’s 1.3 billion tonnes a year. The third most effective way to tackle climate change is to reduce food waste.

Our council collects rubbish and recycling once a fortnight and I see overflowing bins all over town. What’s going on? Could it be partly down to the type of food we buy, the way it’s packaged and what we waste?

A great way to reduce food waste is to do a little planning, buy real food and do your own cooking. Wilko sells a handy, magnetic planner pad for a week’s meals including space for your shopping list. It’s cheaper than processed food, so you’ll save lots of money as I proved in my recipe series last August (see blog). Cooking your meals from scratch, also gives you control over portion size but if you make too much, save any

leftovers for another day rather than binning them.

It’s also important to support regenerative agriculture. Intensive agriculture (indoor livestock fed on grains and large-scale arable using chemical fertilisers with pesticides and herbicides) is worst for emissions, soil damage, loss of wildlife and biodiversity. Small-scale, mixed, grass fed animals and arable farming has negative carbon emissions (reduces global warming). It enriches the soil and supports rich ecosystems with plants,

insects and

mammals. See

Top tips – Plan what you need, buy well- farmed food, in minimal packaging and eat all of it.

Jackie Wilkinson - Nutrition Coaching 07782 477 364

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