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020 8643 0320 | www.fl New role-play lines for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles include Infl atable Turtles Fists, and a Turtle Dojo Bag which will challenge boys to see if they have what it takes to become a Ninja. There are also four Deluxe Masks, each with the respective coloured bandana. A Ninja Turtles Shell can be worn backpack style or used as a shield. Action fi gures remain at the core of the collection and new waves, including new Battle Shell Turtles, with shells that open up to store the heroes’ favourite weapons will be launched. The Deluxe Power FX Series includes all four of the Turtle characters and their nemesis Shredder, and each fi gure has multiple sound effects. Spring for The Trash Pack will see the rollout of two further

series of Trashie characters. Trash Pack Wheels will be the fi rst to launch, with Skid Marks and Rust Buckets as two of six crews of vehicles for boys to collect. The Trash Packs Rotten Eggs will launch for Easter. These prehistoric versions of the boys’ brand will make an ideal Easter pick-up item and introduce characters such as Flusha Saurus and Dino Poop. The new Gormiti TV show, launched on Cartoon Network

last Spring, has consistently reached the number two or three spot for boys aged 4-9. The new toy collection will launch with a heavyweight TV plan and active PR. Included will be 10cm Articulated Action Figures of the Princes of Gorm, which come complete with a holographic collector’s card and QR codes that enhance the gameplay of the new downloadable Gormiti App. This series will then be joined with wave two. The Lords of Gorm Deluxe Figures are 12cm tall and have their own functions such as Firespitter with spinning axe and Lord Agrom, who transforms into a rock that can be propelled to defeat enemies. Autumn 2013 saw the launch of six Yogurtinis. Spring will see the brand grow with eight new ‘fl avours’ to collect, and the introduction of new Yogurtini Minis, 12 mini scented dolls with poseable heads and arms, each in a standard-sized yoghurt pot. The New Year will see more creative play kits under Flair’s new banner of Cool Create. Daisy Chains is a new creative workstation where girls can design their own daisies using colourful fabric fl owers and beads, that link together to make necklaces, bracelets and hair accessories. The Swap Watch kit has interchangeable plastic straps, dials, trims, as well as colourful beads and cords to plait and make your own straps; there are over 70 swappable pieces and endless combinations. The new kits will complement existing creative lines such as Glitzi Globes, which will see the addition of the Ocean Treasures and Princess Castle Mega Dome kits.

Mega Brands

01844 350 033 | Mega Brands launches brand new products for Spring/Summer 2014 across its core pre- school range Mega Bloks First Builders and key licences. As part of the Mega Bloks First Builders range, a new series of learning cubes offers visual and engaging building blocks for pre-schoolers aged 12 months plus. Learn My Animals and Learn My Vehicles each feature 14 blocks that can be matched together and constructed on the building plate, which is part of the packaging. Also new is the 123 Learning Train with 50 numerical blocks for educational fun building and development, plus Pirate Ship Pat which includes a new Pirate Block Buddy, and 10 building blocks. Expanding its girls’ construction offering, as part of the Mega Bloks Barbie range, the new

Barbie Small Case Assortment showcases a new packaging format, of which there are eight to collect. Meanwhile, the new Animal Packs each include 40 pieces, with two animals, in a grab- n-go bag. A new vehicle, the Build ‘n Play Luxe Camper is completely buildable, and features two collectable fi gurines, Barbie and Chelsea, and accessories. The Mega Bloks Hello Kitty line launches the Hello Kitty Camper, and a new Hello Kitty

Treehouse set, marking a new theme for the range. For boys aged four years plus, Mega Bloks Power Rangers Megaforce sees a new addition

to the range; the Air Gliders Assortment, offering six buildable Air Gliders, with a collectable fi gure and weapon. For older boys aged eight years and above, the Mega Bloks Halo range launches the Metal

Series ODST Drop Pods, an assortment of four deluxe fi gures with chrome deco and a drop pod, and the UNSC Cyclops Asst. III, a brand new Cyclops variant, featuring articulated ground vehicles, available in fi ve different themed builds.

Zapf Creation

0845 0533 333 | Mooshka is a new line of dolls that aims to create a sense of nostalgia. The word Mooshka is a term of endearment used to describe a girl that is both sweet and adorable. The fabric dolls are targeted at children aged two to four years old. Continuing the success of previous years, Baby Annabell will be launching two new product lines into the my fi rst Baby Annabell range, both of which will focus on the caring and nurturing characteristics that have become synonymous with the brand. The two new dolls will be aimed at younger children, from birth upwards. Baby Annabell standard-sized doll will also be launching new clothing sets into market. 2014 sees Baby Annabell launch a brand new chic and stylish signature print, which will feature on the new lines . The new clothing sets will be suitable for children aged three plus. Baby Born also has three new doll launches for Spring 2014. Two of the three Q1 launches will

be targeted at entry level babies. Both of the dolls are made from very soft material and they are small in size, for very young children. With the aim of guiding children through the brand, Baby Born is also launching a new water- play doll, which will be targeted at children aged one plus. This new doll will be smaller in size, fully-bathable and made from fast-drying material. My Model will launch back into the hair-play market in Spring 2014 with two new lines being

introduced. Both of the new launches are targeted at children aged three plus. One of the new launches aims to capture the desire of on-the-go toys and the other focuses on creative hair play. Carrying forward from 2013 will be Baby Born Interactive, Baby Annabell Version 8 and Chou Chou Mummy Make Me Better.

72 Toyworld

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