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Tomy 020 8722 7300 |

07919 541 116 | | Pinypon, the range of interchangeable mini dolls and playsets, is making a comeback for 2014 with new pricing, features and an aggressive marketing campaign. Pinypon dolls have removable hair, head, body and accessories, plus double- sided faces with different expressions. Pinypon has

already seen

successful launches in France and Italy, both ranked number fi ve by NPD in 2011 for Playset dolls. There has been continued growth through 2012 and 2013 with an average share increase of 30% in all markets. Spain and Portugal maintain the dominant markets with Pinypon being the number two collectable doll line. With 60% of sales now from outside Iberia, an established successful strategy for new market launches can take place. Pinypon will launch in the UK for Spring/Summer 2014 with a heavyweight TV campaign.

Tactical promotions will also be put in place to encourage multiple purchases, including a limited introductory BOGOF deal to re-launch the brand, which will also be communicated on-air. TV will continue throughout Autumn/Winter, and below-the-line marketing will spread across the whole of 2014.

Schleich Tomy’s Winnie the Pooh nursery and infant range will become the lead brand under the new Disney Baby umbrella in 2014, offering plush, cot mobiles, light shows and toys. The new Balloon Light Show projects stars around the room from Winnie’s balloon whilst playing three lullabies. The new Winnie the Pooh

Protect & Play iCase is an iPhone holder and protector that fi ts iPhones 4, 4S and 5. A Busy Bee Fun app will be available to download from iTunes from January. Tomy’s Play to Learn collection will be rebranded for 2014. These developmental toys will now come under the Tomy Toys umbrella with new packaging and graphics supported with the collection strapline, ‘ inspiring playtime’. Due to debut at the January 2014 Toy Fair, the new range will include hero counting toy, Luke the Loop. Joining the Spring/ Summer line-up are Push ‘n’ Chase Turtle and Ready, Steady, Go Giraffe. Tomy is adding Poppin’ Penguin Island to its Aqua Fun

offering. The fl oating island features four different coloured penguins with matching colour pads. Press the fi sh button and the penguins launch into the bath one by one as the music starts. Aquadoodle is adding new licensed line Jake the Neverland

Pirates which will be available in a large mat size, including a Jake pen. Extending its Big Farm range, Tomy introduces the new

01279 870 000 | The planned January launches will see new fi gures for the World of Nature, Smurfs and Fantasy collections. The World of Nature Farm Life collection will see new horses and ponies featuring highly detailed braided manes. Further members to join the farm include sheep, lambs and a pot- bellied pig. There are also new Wild Life creatures including three different primate breeds; the gibbon,

mandrill and squirrel monkey. There are also new family duos, including the giant panda and cub and white-tailed buck and doe. With a strong pirate theme set for 2014, there will be eight new Pirate Smurfs available from

January, with characters such as Captain Papa Smurf, Privateer Smurfette and Ship’s Cook Smurf. For girls, the World of Fantasy will see two new Ice Elves and six small, collectable creatures.

John Deere Country Fair Wagon Ride with animal sounds and music. The Big Scoop John Deere Excavator is a durable sand box item new for Spring/Summer 2014. Compatible with all Big Farm vehicles, additional items include the John Deere 348 Square Baler and the new John Deere Disc Harrow, Big Farm Grain Auger and Big Farm Hay Elevator.

Chuggington’s StackTrack will continue to be prominent

throughout 2014, introducing escalators and lifts. There are new character engines from the latest episodes; Zack, Brewster’s mentor and leader of the Chuggineers, and new two-packs of a key character engine and wagon. A new 3-in-1 playset, the Tunnel and Bridge Playset will also launch featuring Brewster and multiple layouts. Also new is Chuggington’s Wooden Railway range, with

hero engines Calley, Hanzo and Zack. Dinosaur Train, the Emmy-nominated animated pre-school

series, has now made the top ten listing for new properties with sales of over £660k. The interactive dinosaurs feature ‘SmartTalk’ technology and will be joined by InterAction character Mr Conductor. New train car packs feature a Morris, Tank or Ned fi gure and matching decorated train car. Based on the new ‘X and Y’ video game, the Pokémon range will feature the latest characters and revised Attack Tags. Hero products for 2014 are the revamped Trainer Gloves, complete with sound effects, and the new Clip ‘n’ Play Poké Ball Bandolier. This role-play set allows kids to clip six Pokémon balls to the belt and comes complete with its own two sets of Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke balls.

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