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fi rstquarterranges Marbel

01208 873 123 | Marbel is the exclusive distributor in the UK and Eire of brands such as Brio, Hape and more. Brio will be releasing a range

of products later this year to its Rail, Toddler and Builder ranges. New accessories designed to fi t with Brio’s new Monorail set include aeroplanes, fi gurines, carriages and more. New railway sets, tracks and accessories will also be available. The brand new Limited Edition Monorail engine has a brand new colour scheme and includes its own driver. The new Toddler range will provide new musical items from Brio. The limited edition Pull-Along Horse celebrates 130 years of Brio toys. The Osby horse was the fi rst-ever toy ever produced by Brio in 1907, named after the place where the Ivarsson brothers set-up the business in Sweden. New toys from Hape in 2014 will include a new drum set and string instruments. There will also be a brand new toddler’s push-along toy, with a built-in surprise.

MGA Entertainment

08450 533 333 | MGA Entertainment has several new Spring 2014 launches, including product expansion of its Lalaloopsy doll range, as well as new additions to its Moxie Girlz brand. Supported heavily

John Adams

01480 414 361 | 2014 will see John Adams expanding its licensed craft portfolio with the introduction of Tatty Teddy & My Blue Nose Friends. Focusing on Tatty and his most popular friends, there will be four new easy-to-make kits for Spring/Summer aimed at girls aged 4-8 years. The range will include the Felt Keyring Charm Kit, Pretty Jewellery kit and Scratch and Sparkle Set, as well as Tatty Teddy Fuzzy Felt which features printed character pieces. The line will then be extended with a Make a Blue Nose Friend set which is based on the company’s original Make a Bear craft kit. The Tatty Teddy & My Blue Nose Friends craft range joins John Adams’ growing collection of licences alongside Disney Princess, Minnie Mouse and My Little Pony, featuring a range of craft sets across all price points. The Girl’s World brand has also been developed, with an assortment of three Style for You accessory packs for girls aged 4-8 years. The Girl’s World Hair Braid Kit comes complete with four sets of colourful hair extensions, each with an attached hair clip. The Nail Art Kit includes 20 jewelled nail patches, manicure stick and a printed fl ower nail fi le; and the Glitter Body Art Kit features six self-adhesive tattoo stencils, tattoo glitter gel pen and twelve self-adhesive body jewels.

by TV, Spring will see brand new Lalaloopsy doll segments added to the range including a Lalaloopsy baby-themed line, a Lalaloopsy mermaid feature doll, and an interactive Mini Lalaloopsy doll segment. The recently-launched Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair doll will be welcoming two new characters to the range. The dolls have hair made out of yarn which girls can curl, twist, braid, brush and straighten. New characters will also be added to the collectable Mini Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair doll line. Four new characters will be joining the Lalaloopsy large doll range

this spring - taking the total number of dolls to collect to over 40. MGA will continue to grow its Lalaloopsy Littles and Mini Lalaloopsy doll lines, with new collectable characters added to the ranges. Lalaloopsy dolls are suitable for ages four plus. MGA’s Moxie Girlz brand will also be expanded with new themes including a hair play doll, as well as a brand new creative doll line. MGA will be releasing further details shortly. Moxie Girlz Magic Swim Mermaid and Moxie Girlz Magic Swim Dolphin, which both swim when placed in water, will also be carrying forward this Spring. Moxie Girlz dolls are suitable for children ages three plus. Bratzillaz will continue into Spring with its Bratzillaz Witchy

Princesses dolls. The dolls also come with detailed fashions including a birdcage witch hat, with a mini bird hair accessory that glows in the dark. Bratzillaz Back to Magic school-themed dolls will also continue into Spring. Bratzillaz dolls are suitable for ages six plus. MGA’s cosmic-themed Novi Stars dolls will continue this Spring with its Novi Stars Invasion dolls. The dolls have cosmic features, sparkly glass eyes and glitter eye lashes. Also continuing into Spring is the Novi Stars Curl ‘N’ Coil dolls, which are half-Novi Star and half-robot, with hair that can be styled. The Novi Stars Super Novas will also carry forward into the new season. Novi Stars are suitable for ages six plus.

H. Grossman

01416 132 525 | The majority of the HGL range will be revealed at Toy Fair 2014; the company can reveal that it has developed a pocket money line in jokes and novelties for Horrid Henry. With over 1.5m units of the Rainbow Loom sold in the US and a major launch imminent in the UK, success for the loom is set to continue through into 2014. Despicable Me will see lines from scooters to skipping

ropes launching at Toy Fair, and the company will also be developing products to support the launch of the How to Train Your Dragon 2 movie by Dreamworks later in the year.

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