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fi rstquarterranges Character Options

01616 339 800 | Character Options’ Spring portfolio has an array of new properties for boys, girls, pre- school and creative play, whilst the success of 2013 brands will be strengthened with signifi cant new additions. Minecraft is the multi-

platform virtual game of creation and survival that has sold 26m copies, and has 56m users aged 5-95 worldwide. Character has new Minecraft plastic, plush and paper craft collections from Jazwares. Actions fi gures, construction blocks, survival accessories and a Minecraft Storage Chest will be at the heart of the collection, with pixellated plush animals and other Minecraft creatures also available. The paper craft collection features 30- and 48-piece-plus activity sets with cut-out card pieces that create the Minecraft Building Blocks. Another digitally-inspired Jazwares collection is Plants vs. Zombies. Inspired

by the hit Electronic Arts downloadable game, the range will include Mystery Fun-Dead Figures in foil bags, collectable plush, and an Exploding Zombie Action Figure with arms and head that detach as they do in the game. Character’s latest Boys offering for the Mutant Pollutants is a range of collectable

creatures that have been contaminated from toxic waste from the SuckerFactory. These heroic creatures feed off the muck and prevent it from harming the environment. The more they feed the more gross they become with suckers all over their bodies. Boys can build chains of characters that suck to each other and other objects. Series 1 has 52 fi gures of four groups, including the Heavy Metals. The range will be available as foil bags, and 3 and 5 Figure Blister Packs, all of which will be supported with TV advertising, merchandising and PR. As the number one line in the Character Building Portfolio, SportsStars will see a new building concept added to its line-up of top footballers from the English Premier and European leagues. Micro- fi gure Display Brix will enable kids to collect, construct and display, whilst at retail the problem of untidy CDUs is removed; each fi gure will now come in a large Display Brix with a backdrop behind it to set the scene. For girls, the Disney Princess Palace Pets are a new collection of fi gures and playsets which match pets with princesses, such as Cinderella and her dog Pumpkin, Rapunzel and her pony Blondie, and Snow White and her rabbit Berry. Spring lines include Furry Tail Friend Figures, Primp and Pamper Pony Sets and Talking and Singing Pets. Awareness of the new Disney Princess Palace Pets will be created with books, magazines and digital content, plus Character’s own major TV campaign. Spring will see new Zelf dolls to collect. Masquerade will be the new theme, with

each Zelf donning a mask and tiara. New series of both Medium and Lil’ Zelfs will also be released, while confi rmation of a new super rare Zelf called Ruby will see fans hunt for the character through redemption offers and retailer promotions. For Pre-school, Weebles are back. The fi rst Character Options’ Weebles to be

produced will be of Peppa Pig, her brother George and her friends. Aimed at children aged 18 months plus, this new Peppa Pig offering will complement the rest of the Character Options’ Peppa Pig toy collection. The launch range will include a train, car, feature playsets and the Peppa Pig Weeble fi gures that will wobble but never fall down. Cra-Z-Loom is the new hit creative brand that loops and weaves multicoloured

rubber bands together to make bracelets, rings, necklaces, belts, chains and more. Selling tens of thousands of units each week in the US, and named in the Toys R Us Fab 15 Christmas list, the Cra-Z-Loom refi lls are selling three times as fast as the loom itself. Launching pre-Christmas , the new Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker and Refi ll Packs will be continually supported with TV, PR and social media. This Spring will see ChillFactor build on the success of 2013 with new solid colours in the new colour explosion range. Also added will be the ChillFactor Ice Cream Maker; in the shape of an ice-cream cone, this new version has been engineered to make soft creamy treats in a matter of minutes.

68 Toyworld Interplay

01628 488 944 | Interplay is reaching out to the younger market for Spring/Summer 2014 with the addition of a brand new craft collection. Existing brands, including myStyle, My Living World and Rivetz will continue to expand. Craft Box is a new collection aimed at younger children, aged 4-7 years. This range includes 10 different craft activities, including; Make and Play Jungle Theatre, Paint & Play Car Chase and Make Your Own Pop-up Thank You Cards. Interplay’s established myStyle craft and jewellery collection for older girls will see further additions, with over seven new craft and jewellery kits due to be added throughout the year.

Re:creation 01189 736 222 | The all-new pocket money Zip Stix, suitable for children aged four years and above, will be hitting shelves. Simply lock, load and launch this collectable toy against the competition. The innovative patented design has high-octane graphics. Children can zip for distance, crash cones or zip to stunt. Zip Stix will be supported with a heavyweight TV campaign.

John Crane

01604 774 949 | At the beginning of 2013, John Crane introduced a new range of safari animal illustrations to its Tidlo collection and 2014 sees more of these colourful creatures run across more new product. New for 2014 are additions to the children’s furniture collections which feature Tidlo’s funky animals such as the Jungle Toy Box, which comes in either a natural or white fi nish. Also new from Tidlo are Meat & Fish Food Set, Dairy & Eggs Food Set and

a Cut & Play Pizza to join the popular Wooden Fruit and Vegetable Baskets. As well as all-new product, designer Stewart Betts has given some old

product a facelift which will see the First Balance Bikes feature brand new designs as well as the Stacking Cubes showcasing a new look. Tidlo will also see the Small World category expand with the addition of a

new Fire Engine, Fire Fighters and Fire Station and Accessories. Pretend Play is a vital part of childhood development, so Tidlo will also see product such as an all-in-one Theatre & Shop and an all-new Workbench.

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