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Outdoortoys Flying Toys

01702 295 110 | www.fl

Flying Toys has been appointed as the sole UK distributor of the Aerotron-RC Flying Man.

The futuristic Aerotron-RC Flying Man is realistic in the air, and offers beginners and enthusiasts an opportunity to operate their own superhero in the sky. Supplied ready-to-fl y, the Aerotron is 42cm long, made of reinforced lightweight fl exible foam, and features a spring-loaded head to absorb frontal impacts.

Gently hand-launch the Aerotron into the wind, and steer the Flying Man using differential thrust by moving the transmitter joy stick a little to the left or right, whilst operating the throttle to climb or descend. The Aerotron will fl y for up to 10 minutes, and recharges in less than an hour. The Flying Man features two-channel 2.4GHz radio control, allowing up to 10 similar specifi cation models to be fl own in formation together outdoors in calm conditions with a range of 60m.

The fi rst shipment of the Aerotron-RC Flying Man is expected to arrive in the UK around the end of

October. Flying Toys will subsequently launch the Aerotron-RC Flying Man to the trade on stand 3A03 at The Spring Fair from 2nd-6th February 2014.

Asobi Brainstorm Toys

01200 445 113 | The Brainstorm Toys Outdoor Adventure range includes the Outdoor Adventure Microscope. This handheld microscope has 20x to 40x magnifi cation, built-in illumination and a lanyard. Children can uncover a secret code hidden on the packaging to enter an online prize draw. The Outdoor Adventure Binoculars are pocket-sized and

lightweight, with 4x magnifi cation and 30mm glass lenses. They have soft, adjustable eye pieces and a rubberised trim for non-slip grip, and a built-in compass for additional navigation. The pocket-sized Outdoor Adventure Dynamo Torch has two long-lasting LED bulbs and uses a hand crank to generate the power. The Original Flying Bird patented, mechanical toy is

powered by a high-quality rubber band mechanism. It fl ies by fl apping its colourful, tear-proof wings up to 50 metres. Simply turn the handle, lift the tail and adjust the angle to achieve the desired fl ight direction, enabling the bird to climb and turn. Then press the switch and once the wings begin to fl ap launch the bird into the air and watch it fl y.


01628 200 077 | The Didicar is a self-propelled ride-on that is always ready to go, with no need to change batteries or start-up motors. The Didicar helps children to improve their balance, coordination and spacial and speed awareness. Radio Flyer is a well-established American brand that has been manufacturing toys for the past 95 years, which is now investing in increasing its presence in the UK and Ireland. The complete Radio Flyer collection includes the

original red wagon as well as trikes, bikes, scooters, ride-ons and horses. The signature designs all have beauty, simplicity and safety in mind. The brand is developing tomorrow’s innovative toys whilst ensuring they maintain their classic quality. Seedling is one of Asobi’s most signifi cant

brands. From New Zealand, kits include the Outdoor Explorer, My Nature Habitat and the Junior Gardening Kit.


01254 872 454 | The Brik-a-Blok is a modular construction toy system that allows children to use their imagination to build their own play house, fort, castle or any other play area. Easy to connect primary-coloured polymer panels come in a choice of two sets: 26 or 46 in each, which come in easy to carry and store bags. Extremely durable, the Brik-a-Blok panels are made from high quality, non toxic, waterproof polymer and are safe and simple to use for children from the age of fi ve years, and can also be used by younger children with adult supervision, encouraging parent-child interaction. Other outdoor toys distributed by Halilit in the UK include the new Take to Play Gym from Taf Toys, which features a sturdy plastic frame with legs that fold for easy carrying and storing, and three dangling multi-activity toys to keep babies entertained. The in-built handle makes it easy to carry outside and it can be used when the baby is lying on any of the wide range of padded playmats from Taf Toys.

40 Toyworld

01208 873 123 | Marbel is the exclusive distributor in the UK and Eire for Brio and Hape. Brio has brought out a brand new ride-on using the iconic Dachshund as a basis for the design. The company has taken this time honoured product and redesigned it to have a distinctively different look to Brio’s previous Dachshund products, modernising the look while retaining Brio’s traditional properties. The Dachshund features twin wooden handles on either side of the head, a bouncing tail mounted on a spring, and smooth hard-wearing rubber wheels with bright red centres attached to a strong metal axle. Hape offers the award-winning Scoot Around.

Constructed out of a solid wooden frame, this toy has a solid base and strong ABS plastic wheels with a rubber coating to provide a smooth ride, and is fi nished in safe water-based paint.

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