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2013 has been a strong year for Green Board Games with the company on track for a strong increase on full year 2012 sales. Keith Grafham, CEO at Green Board Games, said: “2013 has been a great year, considering market conditions, and we are on track for a 25% increase on 2012’s full year sales. We have seen growth in most of the markets we operate in, as well as new customers in the UK and some new distributors overseas.” Keith told Toy

World that the

company has been busy improving its product range, working hard to increase consumer awareness and has launched its fi rst Young Games Inventor of the Year scheme. Green Board Games has also expanded its team with Sarah Bullivant coming on board to help launch Green Board Education and focusing on creating an extended product range specifi c to the education sector. Sarah Wyatt has also joined the team as a social media guru with a focus on consumer marketing. Keith added: “And among all that we even found time to win a number of awards as well. They included the the coveted Green Apple Award for sustainability and environmental contribution, which is the third time we have won it.” Looking forward to 2014, Keith said: “Where do I start? We have loads of new games coming out and we’re extending the best-selling BrainBox range. We also have a new and exciting stand for Toy Fair (drop by if you fancy a milkshake), the offi cial launch of Green Board Education will take place, we’ll also be launching a new website. The company is also extending its warehouse and offi ces by 50%, we’ll be taking on more overseas distributors (on top of the 50 countries we are currently operating in), adding more staff to the team, and we even have a few exclusives up our sleeves as well so watch this space.”

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Green Board Games eyes growth for 2014

@toyworldmag Nenuco proves a hit post-launch

Nenuco, the doll and playset brand from Famosa, has got off to a fl ying start following the launch in July with ‘Sleep with me’ Cradle sets selling out across UK Retail. Already successful internationally, the products come complete with accessories allowing girls to have the closest experience to playing a ‘real mum’, and there are a broad variety of price points and play patterns available within the collection. Nikki Jeffery, UK marketing manager at Famosa, said: “Following an aggressive

TV campaign, demand has seen the ‘Sleep with me’ set sell out with all stock arriving between now and the end of the year working on an allocation basis. We are delighted with the success of the brand at such an early stage of the launch, having only set up this year. We are committed to ensuring that as many outstanding orders as possible are fulfi lled so everyone can benefi t from the Christmas sales period.” The Cradle set is the lead item in the range, proving a welcome success, and the company plans to build on this strong performance into 2014 with the expansion of the range at the lower price points. Nikki commented: “Spring/ Summer 2014 will see the range extend into other price points. The ‘Sleep with me’ Cradle set retails at £39.99, for example, and the Hairdresser set at £34.99, so the next items will come in the shape of outfi ts, dresses and traditional doll accessories helping us to broaden the price points on offer. We will continue in our commitment to offering retailers excellet margins, 40% being the fi gure we try to ensure, and a wide range of price points for consumers. We are confi dent that the Nenuco brand is set for continued growth this year and next, and for many more to come.”

Mattel forms Playground Productions

Mattel’s new division will drive creative storytelling across all of its brands. Current projects include ‘Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome’, an animated entertainment property that

will debut in 2014. Playground Productions has brought on Mercury Filmworks for the project, which will be released in three formats: a 22-minute origin story for Spring, 11 two-minute shorts for Summer and a 74-minute, direct-to-video movie for Autumn. Playground Productions will also provide creative direction for the Max Steel

feature fi lm. In co-development with Dolphin Films, the movie will be released in Q4 2014. The division is also partnering with Columbia Pictures on an upcoming Masters of the Universe theatrical project. David Voss will lead the Playground Productions team as SVP. Joining David

Wizard Limited, Wizard House, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 8DR phone 0208 943 0121 Fax 0208 977 9074

12 Toyworld

is Rob Hudnut as executive producer and chief story strategist, producer Audu Paden, producer and former Nickelodeon executive Julia Pistor, producer Lloyd Goldfi ne and Margaret Dean, director of production.

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