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Outdoortoys re:creation

01189 736 222 | VideoHead is a new helmet for kids aged eight years plus. With a patent pending built-in camera including four clickable positions, kids can catch their favourite BMX, scooter or skateboard moments on the built-in memory. Children can plug in, fi lm, upload and share, and everything needed comes in the box. The Air Storm brand launched this year and has had a strong impact as one of the fastest-growing new properties. The multi-award-winning Z-Curve Bow propels whistling darts over 40 metres. The Z-Curve is on trend with the new Hunger Games movie due out in November, and will see another burst of heavyweight TV advertising coming up from the October half term all the way through to Christmas. Also from re:creation is Sky Ripperz from Air Storm. With strong TV

support on launch, these supersonic whistling rockets are suitable for children aged eight years plus. Launch them to send them up to 250 feet. There are three rockets in a pack with a launcher included. Razor has bucked the trend in higher price points through Spring/

Summer 2013. The electric scooter category has seen its biggest business to date with growth of almost 70% year-on-year and the E100 ranked in the top-selling toys. New in the category is the S scooter for kids aged six years and above, offering Razor’s quality and design; the S scooter is available in a range of vibrant colours and built for longevity and comfort. With bike sales on the increase, Fuze has launched a line of kids’ bike accessories for kids aged eight plus. The technology on the Wheel Writer transforms a bike wheel into a real working speedometer, plus 12 different pictures scroll though when the bike is being pedalled. Marketing support includes TV advertising and in-store FSDU programme, complete with a ‘try me’ demo unit to drive immediate sales. There are more new Fuze developments on their way in 2014.

Scooterearz Bananagrams

07967 320 753 | The Scooterearz hand mitt was designed specifi cally for children’s scooters and ensures that children’s hands stay warm whatever the weather. This hand mitt was the fi rst of its kind and launched the company Scooterearz. The mitts simply attach to the handlebars of most children’s scooters, and keep their hands warm in the cooler months. The mitts were an instant success and the company has since gone on to launch different patterns and designs, as well as making some exclusively for Micro Scooters. Scooterearz launched two

new products this Autumn. The fi rst, Bagz, is a shaped bag that attaches to most scooters and children’s bikes and co-ordinates with the patterned Scooterearz. Available in a fl ower or car design, these waterproof accessories ensure children’s favourite toys or packed lunches are kept safe whilst out and about. The second product, Bike Earz, is a natural progression from Scooterearz designed for slightly older children up to adults, recommended for eight years and above. Bike Earz simply attach to the handlebars of most bicycles. With a large refl ective design on the front, they help cyclists to stand out if cycling in the darker hours, and low-tac velcro either side enables cyclists to pull their hands out quickly if needed.

34 Toyworld

020 7262 9696 | Bananagrams offers super-sized versions of two of its bestselling word games, ideal for outdoor play. Jumbo Bananagrams is a giant version of the original international word game phenomenon, while Jumbo Zip-It is a large-scale edition of the fast- paced two-player crossword race, that can be played in as little as 20 seconds. Jumbo Bananagrams features 144 waterproof, three-inch square tiles packaged in a large yellow banana-shaped tote bag. Requiring no pencil, paper or board, Jumbo Bananagrams is fun and educational play for kids aged fi ve plus at home or on the go. Players race against each other to build giant crossword grids and use all their letter tiles. The game has won awards in the Outdoor Toys category in this year’s Primary Teacher Update Awards, the Outdoor Toy Awards and the Loved By Parents awards. Jumbo Zip-It is a high-speed crossword race featuring 24 wooden lettered two-inch cubes and coloured scoring zips that come built into the pouch. To play, each person takes 12 cubes and races to form their own crossword grid using any side of the cubes. The fi rst player to use all of their own cubes calls “Zip” and marks a point by moving their zip up the pouch. The fi rst person to score 10 points calls “Zip-It” and wins the game. It has also won numerous awards in the Outdoor Toys category from this year’s Primary Teacher Update Awards, the Toy Shop UK Awards, the Rainbow Toy Awards and last year’s Outdoor Toy Awards.

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