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Customatic Delivers Convenient Adjustable Base Customization By Gretchen Kast

Customatic Adjustable Bedz is making it easy for consumers to customize the look of their bedding support systems with two new cre- ative technologies. Unveiling at the summer Las Vegas Market, the new Expression Rails and Twist-Life Leg systems helps retailer maxi- mize their adjustable base offerings with a wide range of different designs and heights. Customatic’s new Expression Rails allow consumers to customize the look of a uni- versal adjustable bed base to coordinate with existing bedroom décor with a variety of fash- ion designs. The kits are available in many dif- ferent styles with fashion materials including fabric, metal and wood finishes for the lower rail perimeter of adjustable bases. With Ex- pression Rails, retailers can offer consumers an array of style genres spanning traditional, transitional, modern and industrial design. In addition to giving consumers an abun- dance of decorating options, the Expression Rails benefit retailers by offering the ability to refresh showroom floors without having to replace costly floor samples. “Why should a consumer be limited to a single style chosen by a supplier,” said Phil Sherman, managing member at Customatic. “With our Expression Rails, the choice is in the customer’s hands. After all, it’s our re- sponsibility to satisfy our customers to assure a great shopping experience.”

In response to the varying height of mat- tresses today, Customatic has also developed an easy solution for adjustable base height options. The new universal, patent-pending Twist-Lift Leg gives the company’s founda- tions a leg up on adjustability when it comes to high-profile sleep surfaces. Historically, bedding manufacturers have struggled to find a solution to meet consum- ers’ desires to adjust their beds to accom- modate their preferences. Today’s popular high-profile mattresses exacerbate the dilem- ma of a too-high bed for some, or the mattress 43

is too thick to work with an existing headboard and footboard. The struggle has often led to cumbersome, make-do solutions like stack- able adapters, leg extenders or the required purchase of an additional set of legs. The Twist-Life Leg is an


solution for all consumers, no matter their preferred bed height. This versatile support system requires minimal effort, adjusting with just a simple twist of the wrist.

“Giving the customer the ability to adjust their bed to the perfectly desired height is just one more way that we strive to offer additional options for greater product satis- faction,” said Sherman. “The system is unbe- lievably simple. One leg; no tools; your height; your choice. That simple.” The dual, steel-sleeved leg system allows for

greater extension and strength that is adjust- able by turning the leg to the desired height. By twisting the barrel of the cylindrical leg, the user can raise or lower an adjustable base to the preferred height. An internal ruler affixed to the inner leg makes it easy to measure all legs to the right height, assuring balanced support. “We’re so pleased about what the Twist- Lift Leg System has to offer that we intend to

phase the innovation into almost every frame style we offer,” said Phil McCarty, managing partner of Customatic. “Offering more to our customers in the way of ease and convenience is what makes Customatic different from other manufacturers. Designing with our customers in mind is what we do best.” Visit

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