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Modway Brings Boxed Bed Mattresses to Stores Nationwide

By Christopher Schriever Modway Furniture has unveiled a new bed-in- a-box series intended to give retail locations an edge up on their online competition. With an aggressive price point and convenient packaging, the new Aveline Memory Foam Mattress series allows traditional retailers to offer their customers a quality alternative to other direct-to-consumer brands. “Direct-to-consumer boxed bed brands pitch the convenience and quality,” said Yonatan Gor- don, Marketing Manager for Modway Furniture, “but there is nothing more convenient than test- ing out the mattress, experiencing the quality and putting a box in the trunk and driving home.” Modway Furniture views Aveline not as a replacement to traditional mattresses, but as mattress option that retail locations can pitch as an impulse purchase. While most stan- dard boxed bed brands are sold for around $1,000, Aveline wholesales for as low as $77. “Stores understand that not needing to ar- range delivery or expect the customer to have bungee cords to strap a heavy item to the hood of the car is a big plus,” Gordon continued. The Aveline is currently available in a va- riety of different size and thickness options. The unique collection will be on display at the summer Las Vegas market, alongside Modway’s full line-up of trendsetting bed- room furniture and accessories. Visit

Dormeo Highlights Cooling, Comfort and Customization with New Mattress Line-Ups

By Gretchen Kast

Dormeo is coming to the summer Las Vegas Market with exciting new bedding solutions and advanced cooling technologies. Along with its full bedding line-up, the company will showcase two unique new mattress collections that offer superior customization and quality support. Dormeo’s new 230GX mattress combines luxurious comfort with personalized cradling support. Two layers of the company’s zoned Octaspring Technology are enhanced with two different kinds of cooling technology and body-contouring zoned construction, taking sleep to a whole new level. Touted as the next generation of memory foam, Hydra- COOL is infused with billions of cooling, therapeutic gel microbeads that promote greater air circulation within the foam. This technology seamlessly adjusts to the body, creating more personalized support and a cooler sleep surface. Unlike traditional memory foam, Dormeo’s exclusive Supreme AirCool Gel Foam Layer provides contour- ing support that is not temperature sensi- tive. Enhanced with billions of microscopic air capsules, this unique foam formulation immediately self-adjusts in response to the body. This ensures more pressure-relieving comfort and less motion transfer between sleep partners—in addition to retaining less heat than traditional memory foam. With a split-head only, the 230GX mattress is designed specifically to work together with the new Unity Motion Base, allowing con- sumers advanced dual comfort options. The head-of-bed movement can be independently controlled for each side of the mattress, while the foot movement is programmed to adjust in unison—allowing each partner to customize their own side of the bed without sleeping com- pletely separately. With three pre-set memory positions, a gravity-release safety feature and a one-touch auto flat feature, the adjustable base offers easy head and feet elevation. With a fur-

32 Sleep Retailer / Summer 2016

niture-grade upholstery finish, the Unity base adds style, as well as function, to any bedroom. Also on display at the summer market, Dormeo’s 330GXZ mattress enhances its exclusive Octaspring technology with three different kinds of cooling technology. In ad- dition to the HydraCOOL and Supreme AIR- COOL, this new line-up features advanced Phase Change Material—delivering proac- tive temperature regulation that maintains a cool to the touch feel while actively help- ing regulate surface temperature. The PCM layer features microcapsules that work to efficiently reduce temperature swings, man- aging heat build-up on the surface and with- in the mattress core. By adapting to each sleeper’s continuously changing skin tem- perature, it reduces thermal incompatibility, night sweats and moisture to help consum- ers sleep more soundly. Visit

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