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Vicosoft Unveils Striking New Inifiniti Mattress With “Cool to the Touch” Technology

By Brooke S. Pisarsky ViscoSoft is expanding its product lineup at the summer Las Vegas Market with the launch of the Infiniti memory foam mattress program. This new line includes three 12-inch memory foam mattresses that are specifically designed for retailers to use with adjustable bases in their rest test area. The new Infiniti mattress lineup will be avail- able in a choice of firm, medium and plush sup- port levels. All of the mattresses are built upon ViscoSoft’s own high-density memory foam core, include hand selected support layers and are finished with two inches of the company’s gel-infused luxury foam on top. Depending on the retailer’s marketing strategy, the Infiniti will retail for around $1,299.

“Our pillow and protector program has al- ready gotten a great response from several top 100 retailers who have decided to carry our line and we are absolutely confident that our mattress in-a-box lineup is going to create a new standard for this fast growing category,” explained Harry Costantino, Director of Train- ing and Account Development for ViscoSoft. “The reason is simple; the box represents just a small part of the story. Our line is designed to deliver multiple benefits to consumers as well as our retail partners by taking the principles that our pillows establish and extending them

all the way through the entire product line and selling process.” Partnered with a fully capable TDI and

MDI licensed polyurethane plant in Hang- zhou, China, ViscoSoft offers greater quality control, better pricing and can be far more responsive to buyer requests than other vendors. The new Infiniti mattress combines these benefits with an eye-catching product that compliments the company’s popular pil- low line-up—creating a comprehensive pro- gram that that extends all the way from the showroom floor to the customers’ front door. “Perhaps the beds’ most exciting feature is the ‘cool to the touch,

’ Cold Wire Plus olefin

blended covers that are coordinated to match with our pillows and protectors,” explained Gabriel Dungan, ViscoSoft owner and CEO. “In fact, we even have a color-coordinated sock-fit cover for people with conventional foundations. Shown in a variety of beautiful and brilliant colors, our Infiniti program adds a level of something that has always been missing in this niche: namely something that is FUN. People have an immediate and pos- itive emotional reaction to pretty colors and you can see it by the twinkle of their eyes the moment they pick up one of our pillows. What a great way to start the sale!” Visit

Englander Offers Consistent Long-Lasting Comfort With New Forever Collection

By Christopher Schriever Englander Sleep Products is bringing to the summer Las Vegas Market a new ultra-luxury, two-bed series called Forever. The luxury line combines long-lasting durability and consis- tency of feel with a competitive price point. Designed as Eurotop beds that can be used on adjustable bases, the Forever Soft and For- ever Firm models offer exceptionally high coil counts and high quality comfort and support components. Both models feature a high-den- sity foam encasement to enhance its durability.

30 Sleep Retailer / Summer 2016

The Forever Soft model is made with more than 6,000 individually wrapped coils to deliv- er superior, responsive support. With an open cell structure and a single comofort layer of patented Omalon foam, the mattres delivers a luxurious feel guaranteed to last for the life of the product. The Forever Firm model uses more than 5,100 individually wrapped coils and fea- tures a slow-recovery latex at the top. The latex offers advanced breathability and eliminates the sinking feeling often as-

sociated with traditional visco foam. The Forever firm model uses Omalon foam as a support layer and is expected to retail at $5,999 in queen, when used with an ad- justable base. With a light, fiber-only quilt and a Tencel

cover, Englander’s Forever collection pro- motes healthy airflow, moisture-wicking absorbency, temperature regulation and sumptuous softness—creating a cooler, more comfortable sleep experience. Visit

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