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Theme Park News Avatar land planned for Disney

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide yester- day announced that it has finalised an agreement with filmmaker James Cameron and production company Fox Filmed Entertainment designed as a maj r tourist attraction and has been touted the ‘fi rst of its kind’ in West Africa. T e fi rst phase is due to open at the end of 2013. UK-based desig


Construction has begun on the NGN49bn (US$268m, £167m, €190m) Delta Leisure Resort in the Warri and Asaba Cities of Delta State, Nigeria. The large resort will be to create a number of Avatar- themed lands at its parks. asTrough an exclusive agree- ment, Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment, Fox and Disney will partne ar with Cameron and producing ing together with its African

nd AV

specialist Sarner is work- partner Jon Landau to cre- ate the attractions, with the and cre

e the leisure resorts, Avatar, released in 2009, is one of the highest-grossing movies in history

rm, Sarner PFM, to design T e mega resort will include a number of attractions, including rides first Avatar-themed land opening within the Animal Kingdom park at Walt Disney World, each of the cities.

which will cover more han 150 hectares in Orlando, Florida, US.

Construction on the first attraction is expected to begin by 2013. Te agreement gives Te Walt Disney Company exclusive global waterpark, heritage attractions, a luxury spa, two hotels and chalets, a casino, golf course,

The main park, located in Udu Local Government Area of Warri, will refl ect the culture of the area and is set to include a theme park rights to the Avatar franchise and provides for additional Av tar themed lands

at other Disney parks. Te other locations will be determined by Disney and its international theme park partners. James Cameron, Jon Landau and their road network for ease of access. Meanwhile, at Ogwashi-UKu, the Aniocha South Loca Government area of Asaba, an animal reserv and wildlife park will be established.

‘Russian Disneyland’ planned for Moscow?

Tushino airfield, located in the north-western part of Moscow, Russia, has been described as a “suitable” site for a Disneyland-style theme park based on national folklore and tradition. Moscow deputy mayor Lyudmila Shvetsova revealed hopes to create a Russian-themed

OCT Group is to open a new children’s attrac- tion in the city of Shenzen. T e 47,000sq ſt (4,400sq m) OCT Hike - Children’s Professional Experience City is set to open in October 2011 and will be an educational family attraction.

OCT Group to open children’s attraction TOM WALKER

park when speaking to Rossiiskaya Gazeta, a been appointed as the “total solution provider” It would form part of the city’s plans to stage to fi nal operations, including hardware to soſt ware integration, information technol- Mnevniki earmarked for potential projects.

California-b sed Mirage Entertainment has government-owned daily newspaper.

for he venue, delivering the conceptual design develop 15 new areas of parkland and recreation f r the city, with sites including Hodynka and ogy, marketing and sales consulting.

Videogame theme park planned for China US theme park part-owned by

US$20m Wild Eagle to open at Dollywood Dollywood - the Tennessee,


entertainer Dolly Parton - is to unveil its US$20m (£12.5m, €14.2m) Wild Eagle steel wing co is building a new attraction baTe new experience’s floor- game culture.

In addition to the various theme parks being planned f r, and constructed in, China, Shanghai-based aster in March 2012.

sed on the theme of digital less design will see riders seated four abreast in a for- cept design for World Digital Joyland, currently under development in the country’s ujin district of Jiangsu pr v- ince, was created by C lifornia, US-based IdeAttack and com-

T e masterplan and con- ward-facing position, with two located on the “wings” either side of the ride’s track. WWild Eagle will start from the Wilderness Pass area and soar 21 storeys in height along prises reproductions of virtual scenes fr m online games. T e 100-acre (40.5ha) park

a family entertainment centre, children’s area, sports facilities and retail stores. T e Oleri bridge will link the park to the main Lightstorm Entertainment group will serve as creative consultants on the projects and will partner with Walt Disney Imagineering in the design and build of the themed lands.

Work begins on Nigerian resort

Te new coaster will be designed by Swiss firm Bolliger and Mabillard

the 3,127ſt (953m) track, with the rollercoaster accommodating 28 people at any one time. Dollywood’s development team is working with Switzerland-based Bolliger and Mabillard Moles World and World of Legend, plus two Blizzard Entertainment-themed areas, Terrain f Warcraſt and Universe of S arcraſt .

AM 4 2011 AM 2 2011 ©cy cybertrek 2011 k 2 T e World Digital Joyland is being built in China’s Jiangsu province

ll comprise fi ve sections – Island of Mystery, to create the experience, which includes a 135ſt (41m) drop and a “zero-G” roll. Parton – who owns Dollywood alongside the Herschend

Family Entertainment Corporation – said the installation marked the next phase of the theme park’s development. “Aſter the honour of receiving the 2010

Attractions to be off ered are said to incorpo-

Applause Award, we knew that all eyes were on us here at Dollywood to see what we’d be able to do next,” she said.

rate a range of thrill rides, including a double free-fall tower and three rollercoasters, a video games museum and an eSports centre.

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