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SECTOR GUIDE: MUSICAL TOYS Hitting the right notes

Whether its headlining Glasto or belting out I Will Survive down the Karaoke bar, the path to musical accomplishment starts early. Robert Hutchins looks at the toys setting those mini Mozarts on their journey to stardom this season


Musical toys are always a fi rm favourite with kids, and Halilit’s children’s musical instruments are designed and manufactured to be musically accurate and tuned.

Aimed at encouraging a

love of music from an early age, Halilit’s instrument gift sets are the right size for little hands to inspire babies and toddlers to create their own music. Baby’s First Birthday Band

features a Mini Wave Drum, Baby Maraca, Bell Shaker,


New to the Disney Baby range from Tomy this season is Jiggle with Me Pooh, featuring two diff erent songs for parent and babies to dance along to. Kids can simply tap Pooh on the head and watch as he moves from side to side in time to the music. Retailing at £32.99, Jiggle with Me Pooh is suitable for toddlers aged nine months and up.

Sing to Learn Bunny Bus is a star line in the making, according to the fi rm. Featuring three bunny characters, themed to help kids learn about numbers,

letters and colours, children can push the bus along while listening to engaging songs. Suitable for kids aged 18 months upwards, the Sing to Learn Bunny Bus is priced at £19.99 and is available this autumn/winter. Marley the Musical

Accordion leads Tomy’s infant and toddler line. Shaped like a sausage dog, kids can pull Marley along or play him as an accordion. At £14.99, Marley the Musical Accordion is suitable for kids aged 18 months upwards. 0208 722 7300

Clip Clap, Rainbowshaker and a Music CD to play along with. Other gift sets in the range include the Little Hands Music Band, Mini Orchestra and Toddler Music Orchestra. Following the major

change to the acoustic requirements coming into force this September, Halilit has submitted every one its range of musical toys for testing to ensure they comply with the upcoming new standard. 01254 872454

Judith Stark, Halilit MD “Halilit has been supplying musical products to

the UK for over 30 years and we are very proud of our impeccable safety record. We often receive fi ve star reviews and as a responsible supplier, we would like to reassure our retailers that all of the items we supply to them will meet all of the new acoustic requirements.”


Postman Pat is singing and dancing his way into Character’s summer portfolio this year with a new doll inspired by the pre-school movie release, Postman Pat: The Movie. Showbiz Pat – retailing at £29.99 – comes dressed in a sparkly outfi t and features


Musical toys are an integral part of Flair’s collection, and this month the fi rm is showcasing its licensed lines from its Doc McStuffi ns range. As seen in the new TV episodes, the Get Better Talking Mobile Clinic features a motion-activated siren that lights up and plays the Doc Mobile song.

they watch the 30cm doll walk and pull her mobile clinic along, all while singing the show’s theme tune. With the Hearts Glow Assortment, kids can join in with Lambie and Stuff y as they talk, move and dance along to the I Feel Better song, while the Doc McStuffi ns Time for Your Check Up Interactive Doll sings the check- up song in

Fans will also

discover a collection of accessories,

including the light and sound heart monitor, otoscope and thermometer. Meanwhile, the new Walk

N Talk Doc Doll allows kids to sing along with Doc as August 63

full with the press of her hand. Finally, the Doc McStuffi ns Microphone forms part of the role- play sing-along collection, allowing kids to sing with the Disney heroine with the press of a button. 0208 643 0320

accessories including a microphone and sunglasses. The hero product in

Character Options’ growing portfolio of Postman Pat products, Showbiz Pat will dance along to three diff erent musical tunes, with the press of a button. 0161 633 9800

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