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Darren Ingram, Sales Director, Intelex

What will your company be showcasing this year? We’ll have on show our exciting new Warmies range which are six new fully heatable characters

What will Wow Toys be showcasing this year? Wow will have some great Christmas themed products including the all-new Advent Calendars suitable for children from one to fi ve years. There are two diff erent themes

we’ve created in colourful patchwork fabrics. We’ve extended our popular Hootys and Cozy Plush portfolio to include new characters such as a Cozy Plush fox and our new Tawny Hooty which are selling very well since launch in July 2014 and is well received by retailers. Our Cozy Boots and Slippers range has seen the addition of a new lilac colour and we’ve enhanced the heatable footwear with a more sturdy sole.

to choose from and each calendar contains 24 toys including classic Wow fi gures and vehicles. At £19.99 they are simply amazing. They come supplied in an eye catching, Christmas themed FSDU. We will also be showcasing

Will you be running any special show off ers? For our online trade customers we off er free delivery on orders that are over £150.

Why is Autumn Fair important to the toy industry calendar? It’s one of the biggest trade shows on the industry calendar and it’s a great chance to meet some of our existing and new retailers who may miss Harrogate or Spring Fair.

much more including fantastic stocking fi llers.

Why is Autumn Fair important to for you? It is great to be in front of your customers at this key point. After all, Christmas is very much about toys and half the business is done in the last quarter. Times are tough, but people spend. Christmas is vital for suppliers, getting it right or wrong is the diff erence between success and failure.

Yann Le Boudec, Commercial Director, Paladone

What will Paladone be showcasing at this year? Our new product development department

What will Coiledspring be showcasing at Autumn Fair this year? We’ve got plenty of new lines – new Sorgenfresser character, Flamm, Robot Turtles from ThinkFun and the New Schmidt jigsaws for AW 2014 – and the Game of Thrones 4D puzzle – it sold out in under a week when we took the fi rst delivery and we’re anticipating it being a bit hit with the gift buyers as well as

40 August

has been working hard over the past 12 months. We will be showing over 34 ranges at Autumn Fair and showcasing over 200 new products. We have so much new product that we have had to extend our stand space in Hall 5 as well as taking on a larger stand in Hall 6.

Will you be running any special show off ers? Yes, we will have various off ers on and will announce these closer to the time.

the toy buyers. We’ve also got a new off ering from The Creativity Hub – of Rory’s Story Cubes fame.

Will you be running any special show off ers? We’re changing minimum order quantities on some individual lines so that retailers can try

Why is Autumn Fair such an important event? It’s your fi nal chance to add in any must-have items into your customer off ering. Consumers are always looking for new items; there is nothing worse than going into a gift or toy shop to look for a Christmas present and see the same things you saw last time. Retailers need to keep their fi ngers on the pulse. Autumn Fair is a good show case for what’s new and what’s the must have.

out more of our range. We’ll also be reducing carriage paid to £150 for the UK and £450 to Ireland.

Why is Autumn Fair such an important event in the toy industry calendar? It’s the last major buying opportunity we attend before Christmas so we have to be there to showcase the new ranges.

What is your main reason for attending the show? It’s catching up with our

What is your main reason for attending the show? It’s a chance to meet with our customers and hear their feedback about our product. We get to showcase our entire product portfolio along with our new ranges. It’s important for retailers to see the product in action. Retailers also get to visit those key suppliers.

What would you most like to have achieved by the end of it?

What is your main reason for attending the show? We want to communicate directly with our customers the new products for Christmas and meet new potential customers.

What would you like to achieved by the end of it? Meeting customers is the most important thing. We are not interested in the plethora of ‘eBayers’ who work from their home and sell toys at the end of the year at cut price. We want

Full order books, customers who are delighted with our innovative new ranges and to have strengthened relationships with existing customers and built new contacts across the industry as well. Hall/Stand 5J16-K17

this show to be successful order-wise.

Hall/Stand 5D70

Nadim Ednan-Laperouse, Managing Director, Wow Toys

make sure they have everything they need for the busy season ahead. We also look forward to meeting and working with new customers.

What is your main reason for attending the show? To touch base with our existing customers and

retail partners to show them the new lines, but it’s also a good opportunity to meet new buyers in the gift arena – especially as we have products that sit equally well in a toy shop or a gift shop such as the Wrebbit 3D, 4D cityscapes and the Sorgenfresser Worry Eaters.

What would you most like to have achieved by the end of it? We’ll be running a contest on the stand – who can

What would you most like to have achieved by the end of it? We simply want the opportunity to spend some time with our customers to show them what great products Paladone have to off er.

Hall/Stand 5B60-C61

demo the most games – I’m in it to win it.

Hall/Stand 5A48-B49

Roger Martin,

Managing Director, Coiledspring Games

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