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Vivid’s My Friend Cayla (£59.99) launched in July with a fresh TV campaign and website – and it has already graced several top toys for Christmas 2014 prediction lists. Girls can talk to Cayla

like a real friend as she uses special software to understand speech. She can have conversations with children as well as play games, tell stories and talk about photos in her albums through a free app. Budding jewellery artists

can create their own charms Vivid’s Crayola Creations Beadola Charm Maker (£19.99).

The TV advertised item

allows users to create up to 120 personalised and unique charms in a range of diff erent designs, colours and eff ects. Crayola Creations Hot Heels (£19.99) is also getting a summer makeover, with an all-new Metallic Collection arriving this autumn/winter. Create your own shoe designs with metallic detailing and gems.


The myStyle craft and jewellery collection continues to follow fashion trends with the addition of new Festival Jewellery, Shrink Design Jewellery and Super Loop Bands.

pieces of jewellery can be fashioned by simply following the 16-page step by step activity guide. Earlier this year Interplay launched a new range for younger girls in GoldieBlox. This combines a book featuring Goldie the Girl Inventor with a variety of fun construction sets. The range is designed to inspire young girls to follow in creator Debbie Sterling’s footsteps into the engineering world. Each of

the sets includes an illustrated story

The 17-strong range is supported by TV advertising, online social media and a high profi le advertorial campaign across teen magazines throughout the summer. Festival Jewellery gives

children the chance to ‘create the festival look’ and nine festival-themed

54 August

book along with a sizable, easy-to-follow construction project which is built as the story develops. Priced between £19.99 and £24.99, the launch series has three GoldieBlox sets to choose from: Spinning Machine, Parade Float and Dunk Tank. 01628 488944 ZEON

Disney’s smash hit movie F

on F rozen takes centre stage

for Zeon’s girls off ering. Zeon’s collection based rozen – which is the

biggest Disney feature animation of all time – centres around watches and clocks featuring characters and graphics from the fi lm. A time-teaching clock

features ‘minutes’ and ‘past and to’ time teaching discs that are interchangeable, while the clock face itself features characters from the fi lm including Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Sven. Moving on, and a range of

watches in pink, purple and white feature the movie’s Anna and Elsa, while details

including a diamante-set case, snow fl ake print patterns and quotes from the blockbuster movie highlight themes of sisterhood and adventure. The company also has a

‘wonderfully wintery’ wall clock, while a frosty free- standing mini twin bell clock

expands the Zeon collection even further. With the craze for all

things F rozen looking to run

well into Christmas, Zeon’s F

rozen watches and clocks

will be available for autumn/ winter 2014. 0208 208 1833

Based in the world of Bear

Valley Hills Club Chic are the fashion-concious Club Chic bears. Priced at £16.99, there are fi ve diff erent trendy dolls collect, each with its own unique personality and handbag. 01483 449944


Spin Master’s Flutterbye range will be welcoming the new Deluxe Light-Up Fairy this autumn. The Fairy gently follows

the child’s palm and glides up and down without touching. Also new to the line

is Magically Flying Tink, allowing Peter Pan fans to fl y Tinkerbell in her familiar green pixie dress. The Ocean Breeze Flying

Fairy completes the Flying Fairy off ering.

The Deluxe Light-Up

Fairy will be the focus of the heavyweight TV campaign this autumn, while the complete Flutterbye range will be supported with a robust marketing and PR campaign. Also from Spin Master is the Sew Cool Sewing Studio. This is a thread- less sewing machine that is described as perfect for a fi rst time sewing experience and is safe and


Appearing in Rubie’s 2014 Additions Catalogue is the fi rm’s new F

rozen lines.

These include light-up Elsa and Anna costumes which also play musical sound clips from the movie. Rubie’s has also produced a costume of the much- loved Olaf character to help fans faithfully belt out ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ at parties. 01491 826500

easy to use for children from the age of six. 01628 535000

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