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Halloween will see the offi cial launch of the Animazombs, with nine animal-zombie characters from the world being brought to life in large plush format to help establish the new character brand. The series one characters span three diff erent ranges – Animazombs of the Savannah, Deep and Home. Each of the designs contain

unique features associated with the animal, such as detachable lucky charm keyrings or pull-out body parts. With varying degrees of ‘zombifi cation’ across the


Doodle Bear is a classic love at fi rst sight ‘best friend’ toy, according to Trends UK. Children adore drawing on the soft bear, creating fashion looks, doodling and signing their names. Two dual- tipped washable markers are

included, each with a drawing nib and stamper for hours of doodling, drawing and decorating.

The Doodle Bear – which

is available in two styles, the Original 16-inch and the 16-inch Glow Doodle – is machine washable and dryer safe,

meaning children can keep on doodling again and again. As well as being fun, Doodle Bear off ers developmental benefi ts too. Little ones will take pride

in creating a personalised character they have decorated themselves, boosting their confi dence and self-esteem. Their skills will also develop as they grasp the pen while doodling and stamping, while activities such as drawing will also strengthen their hand/

eye coordination. 01295 768078

ranges, the Animazombs have wide appeal and the delivery is endearing rather than macabre. With the products

available, the fi rm’s focus for Animazombs is now on marketing and PR to create a greater brand awareness and boost retailer traffi c. An offi cial launch is planned with The London Bridge Experience (which stocks the product), with Animazombs teaming up its three mascot costumes with the Experience as the cuddly zombies take over the venue.

The mascot costumes

will also be made available to retailers for in-store promotions and launches, as well as being used on Halloween events such as

zombie walks to generate further interest in the brand. Themed POS units have also been designed to create eye-catching displays for each range including a


New to the AniMagic plush portfolio for autumn/winter is Tickle Tum Tilly (£29.99) – tickle her tummy to see her front paws move while she barks happily. For kitten fans, Sparkle

My Glowing Kitty (£19.99) is a white fl uff y kitten with a light-up bow. This changes colour while she purrs and meows when her back is pressed. Both products will be

TV promoted from launch with two TV ads featuring a new creative approach for the brand.


Famosa has expanded its pre-school off ering with a plush version of Mr Potato Head and My Little Pony. Standing at 25cm, Mr

Potato Head has moveable facial features and a range of accessories.

Phase one of the launch will

see three designs – Fireman, Policeman and Chef – to encourage collectability and creativity across all the range. Meanwhile, the My Little

Pony line includes four characters: Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Apple Jack. They are available in 8cm

key chain size, plus 17cm and 25cm cuddly plush versions. Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle are also available in 40cm versions. 01623 237433

60 August

Benjamin Bunny also joins the Peter Rabbit Small Plush assortment (£6.99). New for Q4 is an assortment of Giant Plush Peter Rabbit and Lily Bobtail (£19.99), as well as the TV advertised Talking Plush Assortment (£14.99).


The fi rm’s WWF soft toy range includes snow leopards to pandas, orangutans and tigers, while there is also a small range of hand puppets. In addition, Marbel also

distributes the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home plush range of toys, which all have their own name and story behind them. The range includes Rocky

the Rottweiler, Cherry the Fox Terrier, Daisy the Border Collie, Jazz the black and white cat, Oscar the ginger cat, Cosmo the tortoise

shell and, last but not least, Angel the white cat. 0845 6000 286

Finally, Flying Friends (£19.99) are a range of famous superheroes that come with motion- activated sounds. Available to collect are Spider-Man, Batman, Buzz Lightyear, Superman and Dusty. 01483 449944

shipping crate, industrial water tank and classic pet carrier, all capable of containing the three characters in each. 01234 346638

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