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This summer Flair has introduced a brand new girls’ collectable, from the makers of The Trash Pack, called Shopkins. These are cute, small characters that live in a big shopping world and are available to buy in both ‘shopping baskets’ and collectable packs. Kids can buy diff erent

interactive play-sets such as the Spin Mix Bakery Stand, Easy Squeezy Fruit & Vegetable stand and a Small Mart Supermarket. Each has moveable

interactive features and each play-set can connect to each other to create one super Shopping Mall. Elsewhere, Flair’s Sofi a the First micro doll is 2.5cm and


This year sees John Adam’s Tiny Tears brand get a makeover with the launch of the Classic Tiny Tears interactive doll. Children aged three years

and over can press her belly to hear the doll laugh, cry or say ‘mama’.

The doll can also be fed with her drinking bottle and makes drinking sounds. When the doll has fi nished feeding, children can take the bottle away to hear the doll exert a satisfi ed burp. Winner of a Best

New Toy Awards in the doll category at London


This year sees Golden Bear introduce a new plush range to its portfolio in the form of Peepos. The collectable Peepos

have super soft fabrics and big loving eyes that Golden Bear believes ‘girls will fall in love with’.

Each of the Peepo plush has their own individual name and personality such as Cheeky Monkey, Georgie Giraff e, Snowy Tiger and many more. 01952 608308

Toy Fair, plus a Right Start Best Toy award, Classic Tiny Tears Interactive is in stock

now and will supported by an all-new TV campaign. Elsewhere, the Girls

World Styling Head leads the John Adams’ girls’ portfolio. Featuring growing hair tresses, the Styling Head allows girls own individual hair styles using the diff erent accessories included.

The Girls World range also includes Gabriella, the Girls World Style and Fashion Doll. Gabriella has long and soft blonde hair and comes with accessories, including comb, clips, braids, slides and colour extensions. 01480 414361


Character Options girls’ portfolio features popular brands including The Zelfs and Disney Princess Palace Pets.

The Zelfs are

getting a sensory upgrade with the new scented Medium Zelfs series. These Zelfs – including Berry Buttershy, Frostette, Cupcake, Strawberry Vampula, Bubblee Bubblegum, Chocolaa Chocolate and Mint Spellinda – whiff of the likes of

50 August

chocolate, mint and

strawberry. A new

campaign called Find Snowphie’s Hidden Message will launch in October. This will give children the chance to redeem an Ultra Rare


Character’s Disney

Princess Palace Pets

collection launched in the spring and features a range of play-sets, plush and fi gures for kids to swap and play with. The Furry Tail Friends and Primp and Pamper Ponies were introduced in spring and each come with their very own accessories and brush to keep their fl uff y tails soft.

Girls can also enjoy collecting the brand new Fashion Tails which features Aurora’s Kitty and Beauty and Belle’s Puppy, Teacup. Each pet comes with three interchangeable tails and accessories. 0161 633 9800

other micro dolls are available in a range of characters from the hit TV show. Each micro doll character

is detailed and can bend, sit and bow. The Jewel play-sets off er collectable price points ranging from £6.99 up to £39.99. A centre piece of the Jewel themed micro

play-sets is the Magical Amulet which, when opened up, reveals a multi-layered micro world featuring areas of Enchancia’s Castle. Moving on, and Flair has also introduced a new ‘mini’ format for its Doc

McStuffi ns range, perfect for ‘on the go’ fun. The Doc and Friends Clinic

Play-set features a mini doctor’s case containing a thermometer, a syringe, two casts for Lambie, a hidden book of boo boos


DKL is the exclusive UK distributor of Corolle dolls. The Mademoiselle Corolle collection features dolls ranging in size from eight, 14 and 17 inches tall, while there is a pocket sized alternative in the form of the Mini Corollines line. Corolle Les Cheries are modern fashion dolls that are styled according to the latest fashion trends. New for this year is the

Camille Soiree Theatre doll dressed in a gold jacket and a deep purple skirt and matching shoes. Also new is the beach ready Clara Sunny Days.

There is also a Corolle hair care set. Finally,

the Corolle interactive dolls

enhance the role-play experience. The Emma

and Paul drink and wet dolls come with three accessories, while the Corolle Lia doll off ers 16 diff erent functions.

01604 678786

and exclusive mini Doc and Lambie dolls. Also available are a range of ten mini Doc fi gures to collect, each coming with a little accessory for fans to build their own Doc world. 0208 643 0320

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