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Sambro has an array of licensed products set to appeal to girls of all ages – from pre-school through to teens. The fi rm’s Disney collection spans arts and crafts, stationery, bags and puzzles across licences including Minnie Mouse, Disney Princesses and Doc McStuffi ns. This summer, Sambro has launched a brand new F

rozen range of arts and crafts products.

The collection includes

a Travel Art Easel which contains fi ve themed colouring sheets for children to colour in their favourite characters from the hit movie.

The set also comes with

eight crayons, eight chalks, four markers and a sponge. There is also a Frozen Colouring Table featuring a fi ve metre colouring roll and eight coloured crayons. The F

rozen range also includes Magnetic TOBAR

Following on from the success of 2013’s Robo Fish, the toy innovators at Zuru have taken the tech under the sea with the new My Magical Mermaid. Children can place the mermaid in water and her tail will swish from side to side, allowing her to swim. The Mermaids can swim

in two diff erent positions thanks to the weighted metal band included with the set. Kids can wrap it around her tail to make her swim vertically or place it on her head as a tiara to make her swim horizontally. There are three diff erent

My Magical Mermaids available – Pearl, Shelly and Cassie – each one sporting a diff erent hair colour and tail design. The new My Magical Mermaid Play-set gives the mermaids a perfect environment to dip, dive and perform.

The set consists of a clear plastic tank mounted on a base with imitation rocks and coral placed around the bottom. It also features a blue LED light

52 August ASOBI

Scribblers in small, medium and large sizes, as well as complete art cases, pencil tins, colour your own bags and a colouring wheel. Sambro’s Frozen Sparkle Station boasts a cushioned desk with light, along with arts and crafts essentials. Meanwhile, the F


Filled Backpack will see fans of the fi lm return to school complete with themed notebook, pens and a pencil case in tow. Moving on, and also new to the Sambro portfolio is My Enchanted Mirror.

Distributed exclusively in the UK for Zanzoon, My Enchanted Mirror plays four magical games. Children can ask the

Mirror questions and the Mirror will understand and respond to them. For example, ask the

Mirror a question like ‘so I look pretty today?’ and she will reply ‘you are gorgeous, you look like a real princess.’ Girls can also ask the

Mirror to reveal what type of princess they are by answering ten questions. 0845 873 9380


that illuminates the play- set with an underwater oasis eff ect. Elsewhere, Tobar has

Edible Sweet Art for kids aspiring to be bakers to perfect their craft. The kits include coloured blocks of sugar dough and all the equipment to make a range of creations including popsicles, animals, sweets, cupcakes and donuts. For dog lovers, Tobar’s

Walking Westie walks, interacts and wags its tail just like a real dog. It also comes with a black necktie, for those special occasions. 01603 397139

August is a key month for Simba’s portfolio as the new look Steffi Love hits shelves and arrives on TV for the fi rst time in the brand’s 25- year history. Some may already have seen the promo spots advertising the launch of Steffi ’s fi rst single: Real Good Time. The full two-minute music video goes live across kids TV on August 2nd and will reach more than three quarters of all four to six year old girls by the end of September.

The single itself, along with four others that will be released online every month up until Christmas, have been written by Ray Hedges - who has had seven UK number ones and over 60 top 20 hits.

The distribution

will be handled by Absolute, who has worked with artists such as George Michael, The Backstreet Boys

and Deep Purple. All fi ve songs will be available to download through iTunes and to stream on Spotify. Steffi will be promoting the songs and the brand on a nationwide tour taking place over the summer and into the autumn.

This will be backed

by numerous features and appearances in kids’ magazines and websites. Simba has launched

a brand new Steffi Love website where children and fans can play games, watch videos, as well as learn more about Steffi . The website will also be a portal for all of Steffi ’s social media and will keep

fans up to date on where and when they can see Steffi live in person. By purchasing a Steffi

Love doll, kids get access to the VIP club where they can record their own version of Steffi ’s music video and see behind the scenes footage of Steffi ’s glamorous life. Combining TV, events, online, social and print media in cohesive coverage around the birth of ‘Superstar Steffi ’ – and with four new exclusive TV advertised Superstar doll lines – Simba believes that ‘no retailer can aff ord to be without a Steffi selection this autumn’. 01274 765030

Asobi is ‘delighted’ to be the UK distributor of The Orb Factory, the multi award winning Canadian craft brand. Kits from The Orb Factory include its bestselling line, Sticky Mosaics, which allows kids to peel and stick foam and jewel tiles to create mosaic masterpieces featuring Disney princesses and mermaids. There is also

PlushCraft pillows which allows young crafters to create a plush pillow by matching coloured fabric to numbers. The kit aims to

introduce children to fabric crafts without the diffi culty which is often associated with traditional sewing kits. For older girls, The

Orb Factory off ers Imaginista kits like

the Imaginista Twist & Loop Jewellery set.

By attaching the ‘O’ rings with elastic cord, jump rings and earring hooks, crafters can create their own unique earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and more.

01628 200077

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