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ALCOHOL USE & POSSESSION – Responsible alcohol use and possession is permitted within campus housing for those residents and guests who are age 21 and over, in accordance with state law. Housing Services and Residential Education maintain a list of students who are 21 and over.

• Alcohol may only be consumed in the privacy of a resident’s room or apartment when the door is closed

and no one under 21 is present in the unit.

• Transport of alcoholic beverages to a resident’s room from outside the building is allowed only by individuals

who are age 21 or over. • Beverage containers must be closed.

• Transport of open alcohol from room to room or apartment to apartment is prohibited.

• Any individual, regardless of age, who is present in a room or apartment that contains alcohol and persons

under 21 may be found in violation of the alcohol policy.

• Consumption of alcohol that results in non-compliant or disruptive behavior that infringes on the rights of

others in the community may be considered a violation of the alcohol policy.

• DePaul University staff reserve the right to contact the Chicago Police Department to request a public

intoxication ticket be issued to any student who has been transported to the hospital for over-drinking or has been identified as allegedly violating the Disorderly, Violent, Intimidating or Dangerous Behavior to Self or Others Policy.

HARASSMENT – Harassment on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, family relationship status, physical or mental disability, military status or other status protected by local, state or federal law is prohibited by DePaul policies. Bullying or stalking will not be tolerated in any of the residence hall buildings. Such actions may result in the immediate removal from university housing in accordance with applicable procedures.

ILLEGAL & CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES – Residents found in violation of the university’s Illegal Use or Possession of Controlled Substances policy may be immediately removed from campus housing.


OTHER PROHIBITED ITEMS ICLUDE - • Kegs, beer bongs and other paraphernalia used to

consume alcohol are prohibited. Large quantities of alcohol including but not limited to, cases and handles of liquor (1.75L) are also prohibited.

• The use or possession of paraphernalia and containers is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, kegs,

punch bowls, funnels, beer balls, beer bongs and coolers used as a community source. Paraphernalia does not include wine glasses or decorative shot glasses used for display only.

• Display of empty alcohol containers or other alcohol- related

paraphernalia (except for decorative shot

glasses) is prohibited. Empty alcohol containers must be disposed of immediately after use.

• Weapons of any kind including, but not limited to, swords, guns and knives, are prohibited. Any

instrument that may not normally be considered a weapon but is used in a manner that threatens the health or safety of any individual could be considered under this policy.

EMERGENCY HOSPITALIZATION – If you are a resident and your emergency is one that requires intervention regarding mental health and includes emergency hospitalization, you are required to provide Residential Education with documentation from a licensed mental health provider, on letterhead, that states the following before returning to the residence halls or campus apartments:

• The student does not appear to be a risk to self or others.

• The student agrees to act in a manner indicating he or she can care for himself or herself independently and

as part of a community setting in the residence halls.

• The student agrees to follow a treatment plan as provided by a licensed or supervised mental health


BAG CHECKS – The university reserves the right to search individuals, as well as any bags or packages (including but not limited to purses, backpacks and shopping bags) carried into student housing by residents or their guests. Prohibited and illegal items may be confiscated or disposed of as appropriate and university judicial action may be taken. Refusal to consent to a search could result in a denial of entry to student housing.

PARENTAL NOTIFICATION POLICY – DePaul is permitted by law to notify parents or legal guardians about violations of any federal, state or local law or institutional


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