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MEDCARE – DePaul health services are available to all students at the university on a quarterly basis. Medcare is for minor illnesses and minor injuries and is NOT a health insurance plan. All on-campus residents will be automatically billed for health services. In order to waive the health services fee, students must provide a copy of their personal insurance card to the Dean of Students Office, Room 307 of the Lincoln Park Student Center, within the first two weeks of each quarter. Should a resident choose to cancel his or her Housing Agreement a credit for any future quarters, if charged, will be issued upon the completion of the cancellation process. Partial quarter credits will not be issued once a resident has been checked into his or her residential space.

NONDISCRIMINATION – DePaul is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy living, learning and working environment for all students, staff and faculty members, free of harassment and discrimination against any person or group of individuals based on race, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, religion, marital status or disability. In no case will DePaul make assignments or approve room changes based on race, sexual orientation, age, national origin or religion.

REASSIGNMENT – The university, whose judgment shall be final, retains the right to reassign residents to other campus accommodations if repairs or improvements are needed in order to maintain efficient operation of the premises and ensure protection of the occupants.

ROOM CHANGES & CAMPUS REASSIGNMENT – The room change processes are applicable for both Lincoln Park and University Center residents. Residents will only be granted room changes during the dates listed on the calendar on page 14.

• Generally, priority for moving will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis, as space is available.

• Forms are available at the front desk of the Housing Services Main Office (Centennial Hall, Suite 301) and

must be approved and signed by the respective Residence Director.

• Room changes will not be granted for first-year residents until all temporary residents receive a

permanent space. 12 • Students assigned to Converted Housing will be given GUIDE TO STUDENT HOUSING 2011-2012

priority order for room change requests.

• If approved by the departments of Housing Services and Residential Education, room swaps (switching

rooms with another resident) may be possible after the room change process begins and if all parties are in agreement. Residents wishing to swap spaces must complete the appropriate paperwork.

• Residents may not swap or otherwise change rooms without being approved and notified by Housing

Services in writing. Residents residing in a room to which they have not been assigned by Housing Services may be subject to disciplinary action.

• Once a room change or campus reassignment has been granted, the requesting residents will be required

to move. Room changes and campus reassignments may be canceled after being submitted but this must be done prior to being assigned a new space.

• Residents changing rooms are responsible for any difference in room rate and dining plan minimum


ROOMMATE ASSIGNMENTS – Housing Services is committed to granting each resident’s preferences while being fair to everyone. When roommates are mutually requested, Housing Services attempts to make this accommodation based on availability. When a preferred roommate is not listed, residents are assigned roommates randomly.

ROOM SELECTION PROCESS – The process for selecting campus housing for the academic year 2012– 2013 will occur during the spring quarter. Housing Services will make detailed information available in February on its website. Residents will have the opportunity to see some apartment-style spaces prior to Room Selection.

Students participating in the Room Selection process and who do not already have a roommate are encouraged to utilize Roommate Click. DePaul Roommate Click is an online portal that allows students to create a profile and search for potential roommates. Participation in this service is not required rather it is an effort to better accommodate residents’ needs and allow for a more cohesive living environment.

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