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relocated during a facilities project. Residents should be aware that, in most circumstances, DePaul University insurance will not cover damage to or loss of personal property from individual residences. In the event that a theft or damage occurs, notify Public Safety in order to file a report. Public Safety can also assist residents in contacting the Chicago Police Department. The university is not liable for damaged, stolen or missing property.

UNIVERSITY PROPERTY – University property in residence hall common areas may not be removed from its original location. Disciplinary action and/or financial responsibility for staff time to relocate items may be assessed to residents. Residents who become aware of missing or damaged items in a common area of their building should notify building staff. Damages to common areas may be considered community damages and charged to all residents of a building.

DECORATIONS & DISPLAYS – Residents are encouraged to personalize their

living areas. However,

there are guidelines that must be followed when decorating university spaces. In addition to the expectations in the Code of Student Responsibility, the following policies exist in campus housing.

ROOM PERSONALIZATION – When decorating their rooms, residents should be mindful of the opinions and sensibilities of their roommates, fellow building residents and guests. Residents may not paint their unit or make other alterations that affect the current condition of the walls, ceiling, window coverings or flooring. Posting or hanging items from the ceiling is prohibited. Additionally, tampering with, decorating or altering fire safety equipment is expressly prohibited.

DOOR PERSONALIZATION – In order to preserve the appearance of room and apartment doors, posting or applying any items to either side of the door is prohibited. Residents may post items to the doorjamb or wall immediately adjacent to the door by using masking tape or poster putty. Do not use duct tape or double-sided tape as this will cause damage to the walls. The residents of the adjacent room will be financially responsible for any damage caused by such postings. Displays may not obstruct the hallway in any way, as such impediments can be a fire hazard.

EXTERMINATION – A regular schedule is maintained for this service. It is the resident’s responsibility to prepare the room or apartment for exterminating. Failure to maintain a residence in satisfactory condition (i.e., clean of waste and debris) may be grounds for a fee assessment to the resident’s student account.

FACILITY INSPECTIONS – Housing Services staff will perform facility inspections of every campus housing room and apartment at least once per academic quarter. All instructions requiring compliance with policies must be followed or disciplinary action may be taken and monetary fines applied. With regard to room cleanliness, acceptable health practices must be observed. All rooms may also be inspected once the halls close for winter break in order to ensure that no health or safety problems exist. Residents may be assessed fees at any point if Housing Services staff determine repairs are needed.

All decisions by Housing Services staff related to damages and room condition are final. All residents in a unit will be fined should a unit fail its facility inspection twice. In addition, should Housing Services cite items in the room for infractions that would be considered of a serious nature and viewed as posing

potential harm to the

residents and hall community, a fee of $150 per person may be fined to the residents. Serious-nature infractions and prohibited items include, but are not limited to:

• Tampering with safety equipment (fire extinguishers, alarm panels, sprinkler heads, heat detectors, smoke

detectors, etc.)

• Lighted candles, lighted cigarettes, burning incense or any sort of open flame

• Explosive devices, firearms or fireworks • Weapons • Furniture or personal items blocking emergency exits • Pets

In addition to the fine for serious-nature infractions, the Facilities Assistant will submit an Incident Report. The Incident Report will be processed through Residential Education and the resident may face disciplinary action. Excessive

apartment, room or suite damage; poor cleanliness; or health risks can result in a resident losing YOUR ROOM 17

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