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DEPAUL DINING SERVICES – DePaul University Dining Services offers a dining program that provides a variety of alternatives designed for you. Whether you are on the go, an early riser or a casual diner, we are sure to have what you want. We have a terrific mix of choices, ranging from home- style cooked dishes to many ethnic, vegetarian and vegan options. Your dining plan allows you to dine at the follow- ing locations: Lincoln Park Student Center, Brownstone’s Café, McGowan Café, The Bean Caffés, ETC…, and Loop Campus DePaul Market.

For any questions regarding dining plans, visit the Student Center Administration Office, Suite 303. You can also call us at (773) 325-7346 or visit our web site at studentcenter. Students may add money to their dining plan by logging in to Campus Connect, clicking “Meal Plan Online” and following the directions. Students can change to a higher plan or add money at any time, but may only change to a lower plan by the end of the first two weeks of an academic quarter. You may lower your dining plan as long as you do not drop below the required minimum for your residence hall and academic class standing.

DECLINING BALANCE –Dining plans operate on a declining balance just like a debit card, meaning that all purchases are á la carte and present themselves as deduc- tions from your initial quarter balance. Any value left on your dining plan from the autumn quarter carries over to the winter quarter and again to the spring quarter. However, any remaining balance left on the dining plan after June 8, 2012, will be forfeited. “Bulk Buy,” offered in early June, is a means for students to purchase items in large quanti- ties while also spending down their remaining dining plan dollars.


DINING PLAN REQUIREMENTS – As stated in the Housing Agreement, the minimum requirement for first-year students living in traditional halls is the DePaul Plan for the first two quarters with the option to reduce to the Lite Plan for the spring quarter. Residents living in Sanctuary Hall, Sanctuary Townhomes and McCabe Hall must participate in a dining plan at the minimum level of the Apartment Plan.

HEALTH-CONSCIOUS DINING – The staff of DePaul Dining Services is dedicated to providing you with nutritious dining options so that eating healthy is easy and enjoyable. They offer a Balanced U program, available throughout the dining facilities, with nutritional information on how to eat a well-balanced and fulfilling meal. DePaul Dining Services also consults with a regional dietitian on its menu choices so that they may serve you the most innovative, flavorful and health-conscious meals possible.

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please contact the DePaul Dining Services Director of Operations at (773) 325-8234. He or she will be happy to help you develop a dining plan that is beneficial and appropriate for you.

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