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These items are expressly prohibited and will be confiscated immediately if found in student housing:

• Candles • Halogen lamps • Extension cords and outlet adapters • Incense and scented oil burners • Outlet splitters

PROHIBITED ITEMS – Fire and smoke present dangers to the health and safety of the campus housing community. Residents using hair dryers or hot irons (for example, curling irons or hair-straightening irons) are not permitted to leave them unattended while in use. For fire safety reasons and to prevent electrical overloading, the following items are prohibited in all residential units on campus:

• Portable heaters

• Sandwich makers/grills, hot plates, rice cookers, Crock-Pots, waffle makers, toasters, toaster ovens and other similar cooking tools when plugged in and used in non-kitchen rooms

• Electrical appliances without a “UL Certified” label for safety

• Refrigerator units exceeding 4.8 cubic feet or multiple refrigerators in a unit

• Candles, whether lit or unlit • Halogen bulbs and halogen floor or desk lamps

• Strobe lights, decorative holiday lights, party lights, lava lamps and any other type of string or rope lights

• Extension cords, outlet adapters or multiple plugs, except for power strips with built-in circuit breakers

• Electrical appliances rated higher than 900 watts or that have exposed heating elements

• Explosive devices, firearms or fireworks

• Weapons, including any instrument that might not normally be considered a weapon but is used in a manner that threatens the health and safety of any individual

Please note that should a hall staff member discover any prohibited items in a unit, he or she may remove them or disable them with a locking device on sight. Additionally, residents may be cited for an electrical violation. Only upon move-out can residents visit their Area Office to have the locking mechanism removed.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of additional prohibited appliances in Belden-Racine Hall, Clifton-Fullerton Hall, Corcoran Hall, Munroe Hall, Seton Hall and University Hall resident rooms: toasters, toaster ovens, popcorn poppers, coffee makers, electric grills, hot plates, indoor grilling appliances (e.g., the George Foreman grill) and clothing irons. These items may only be used in community kitchen areas. If assigned to a residence hall apartment, please use these items in kitchen areas only. When using these items in community kitchen areas, you must monitor them at all times and remember to unplug and remove them when finished. Please note that should hall staff discover these items in the residential portion of a unit, the items will be disabled and removed on sight.

OPEN FLAMES – With the exception of university- provided gas stoves, open flames (including candles and incense) are prohibited within all residence halls. Please note that hall staff has zero tolerance for flammable items and will remove items on sight if they pose a fire or safety risk.

CHECK-IN PROCEDURE – Each resident is issued a room key and a Housing Condition Report (HCR). It is the resident’s responsibility to:

• Carefully examine his or her unit and its contents

• Review pre-existing issues already noted by staff on the HCR

• Fill out the Personal Information Form/Key Agreement

• Indicate the unit’s condition (including noting the absence/presence and quantity of furnishings) on the HCR

• Complete the HCR and bring it to the appropriate Area Office within 48 hours of check in

Residents may be held responsible for any conditions, damages or shortages that are not noted on the HCR at the time of check in. Failure to return the completed HCR as indicated above may result in a resident being charged for conditions, damages or shortages that preceded her or his time of occupancy. Once the resident has moved out, any damages or shortages not noted on the original HCR may result in an appropriate charge to the resident’s account by Housing Services.


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