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Safety at (773) 325-7777. Incidents of smoking in the resi- dence halls or near building entrances should be reported to Student Housing staff. Should a resident be found respon- sible for smoking in their residence hall room, that resident will be assessed a cleaning fee/damage billing fee of $250 at the time of the incident. If Student Housing staff are not able to identify which resident is responsible for smoking, the damage billing fee will be split among all residents within the unit.

Students who are smokers should properly dispose of their cigarette butts in the receptacles located in designated smoking areas 20 feet from building entrances. Smoking is not permitted within 15 feet of any building entrance in the City of Chicago and violators may be subject to a $500 fine. Additionally, smoking is not permitted on the University Hall patio, to respect the use of the patio as an event space.

Hookah pipes may be stored in student spaces but may only be used off campus. If there is any evidence of a hookah pipe being used in the residence halls, it will be confiscated by Student Housing staff.

SPORTS – Playing sports is not permitted in any hallway, unit or lounge within campus housing. Examples of sports include, but are not limited to, Frisbee, football, Rollerblading, basketball, baseball, bowling, hockey, soccer and bicycling. Bicycles cannot be ridden or stored inside the residence halls. Please visit Parking Services in order to register and store your bicycle.

STORAGE – Housing Services is not able to provide space for resident storage of personal belongings, boxes, etc., at any time.

STUDY LOUNGES – Study areas are located on every floor in Belden-Racine Hall, Clifton-Fullerton Hall, Corcoran Hall, Munroe Hall, Centennial Hall, Seton Hall and University Hall, and on the lobby levels of McCabe Hall and Sanctuary Hall. There are additional meeting rooms located on the first floor of Munroe Hall, in the Community Education Center. These meeting rooms must be reserved through the Student Center. Furniture in lounges must remain in the area and should not be removed or brought into resi- dent units for any reason. Lounges in Belden-Racine and Corcoran may be used to house temporary residents.

TEMPERATURE – All heating, ventilation and air-condi- tioning equipment is controlled and maintained by the engi- neering staff. It is the university’s policy to maintain the fol- lowing seasonal temperatures:

• Summer (May 1 to October 1) 72 to 76 degrees

• Winter (October 1 to May 1) 68 to 72 degrees Engineers will adjust HVAC equipment as needed to main- tain space temperatures within that range. If your unit seems to be uncomfortably cool or warm, please contact Facility Operations during business hours or Public Safety after hours and on weekends. Engineers will be dispatched to review and correct the situation. In certain cases, buildings

are controlled by building automation systems. In these instances, adjustments may occur without an engineer being dispatched to the site.

It is also important to note that seasonal changes create challenges with temperature regulation in large buildings like residence halls. In a normal residential home, it is simple to switch from heating to cooling. In the case of a larger multi-unit building, it can take several days to switch over between heating and cooling*. Since there are city ordi- nance that require that the university provide heating when needed, but no such rules for cooling, the university always errs on the side of starting the heating season early in the fall and remaining in heating mode until warm temperatures are consistent in the spring. To avoid freezing plumbing and sprinkler pipes in rooms or apartments, please leave windows closed in the winter months and report hot rooms to Facility Operations. *Please note that Corcoran Hall and McCabe Hall are not air-conditioned.

TRASH – Any trash, newspapers or other items left outside room or apartment doors may be immediately dis- posed of by staff working in the building. This may result in a fee assessment to the residents of the nearest room. Residents are encouraged to use the trash rooms/chutes provided throughout campus housing.

VACUUMS – Residents are encouraged to bring their own smaller vacuums to use in their residential units. Community vacuums will only be made available at the end of each quarter and at the end of the year when move-in/move- out traffic is most abundant. Vacuums may be checked out at front desks during these times. Residents may be charged for damages to vacuums. Failure to return a uni- versity vacuum within one hour of issuance may result in a replacement fee issued to the resident, floor or building. Residents are encouraged to be considerate in returning vacuums in a timely manner.

VENDING MACHINES – Vending machines are located throughout student housing. Problems with vending machines should be reported to the Student Center’s Administration Office, located in the Student Center, Suite 303, or by calling (773) 325-7346.

WINDOWS & SCREENS – Windows, window bars and screens are constructed to keep people and objects from falling out and to keep people and insects from getting in. It is for these reasons that the following policies exist:

• Tampering with or taking out windows, screens or window bars is prohibited.

• Throwing, dropping or launching objects from a window is prohibited.

• In addition to disciplinary action, violations of these policies may result in fees for work and materials being

assessed to residents of affected rooms or apartments.

Decorations, displays or postings on residence hall windows are prohibited, and if present may be removed by a staff professional at any time.


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