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CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET – Each room is equipped with one voice jack (black) and at least one 100MB data jack (orange). The wireless network (depaulwireless) is also available for students’ convenience. To experience the best performance and reliability, Information Services highly

recommends that students use the wired network as their primary connection to the Internet.


1. Right click on the wireless network connection icon that is in your system tray (bottom right) and choose “View available networks.”

2. When the wireless network connection window opens, locate the wireless network called “depaulwireless,”click

on it, then click the “Connect” button. 3. Enter the password. Security is WPA2 if prompted.

4. Open a Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and navigate to

5. Log in with your Campus Connect user ID and password.

6. Reboot your computer.


1. Click on the airport icon in the top right corner of the display.

2. Select “depaulwireless.” 3. Enter the password. Security is WPA2 if asked.

5. Login with password.

6. Reboot your computer. Personal

routers, including wireless routers, may not 24

be plugged into the wired network as this can cause connectivity problems for other users on the network. Violations of this, or any other technology-related policy, may result in a student’s network connectivity being temporarily or permanently disabled. If additional data ports for multiple network devices are needed, students can bring a network switch with them to campus. Please note that these devices are not supported by the university,

your Campus Connect user

4. Open a Web browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and navigate to

ID and

PHONE SERVICES – Residence hall rooms are equipped with telephone connections that provide free local calling and standard calling features, including call waiting, three- way calling and call forwarding. Students need to provide their own telephones. Voicemail is also available for free upon request. Please contact the Technology Support Center at (312)362-8765 if you would like this feature enabled.

COMPUTER LABS – Community computer labs are located throughout campus and feature PC and Mac computers that are equipped with a variety of software, as well as a print station*. While in the computer labs, students are required to observe all relevant university policies as well as the following policies: No food or drinks are allowed while working on the computers, no cellphone usage is permitted and you must maintain a quiet environment. Inform the Technology Support Center at (312) 362-8765 of any problems. Please visit is.depaul. edu/computers/labs/locations.asp for more information on lab locations and hours.

*Please note: The paper supplied for Intelliprint stations is to be used only for the Intellliprint station. Students who bring their own personal printer should also supply their own paper.

COMPUTER SECURITY – Once connected to the network, please visit Microsoft’s Windows Update website ( and download all of the available critical updates and security patches. Students should visit Windows Update frequently and set their computers to auto-update, as new security patches are released all the time. DePaul strongly recommends that students enable their operating system’s built-in firewall while connecting to the campus network.

and if they are configured incorrectly, a student’s network connectivity may be disabled. To view a complete set of policies associated with DePaul’s residential network, please visit policies.asp.


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