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occupying a residential space. This includes all students who are judicially

removed from campus housing or dismissed from the university for behavioral reasons.

Students who have been confirmed for housing or who have occupied a residential space are also subject to a prorated daily room charge of 100 percent until a written cancellation request has been received and the checkout process has been successfully completed, according to Housing Services’ procedures.

Cancellation fees are not affected by whether or not Housing Services is able to fill the residence space vacated by the resident. Each resident is responsible for all appropriate cancellation fees outlined in the Terms and Conditions of his or her Housing Agreement. The resident must cancel his or her Housing Agreement in writing and meet with a Housing Services staff member to follow the step-by- step instructions of the checkout process. All room and board charges will continue to accrue until the student has completed the checkout process. This process includes the return of all university-issued keys.

CANCELLATION (STUDY ABROAD) – Residents enrolled in a DePaul-sponsored Study Abroad program that requires them to leave their campus housing assignment mid-academic year will not be responsible for any of the above cancellation fees, pending proof that they are enrolled in a DePaul-sponsored program. Residents should visit the Housing Services Main Office and meet with a staff member 60 days prior to canceling to provide enrollment papers of the dates when they will be participating in the program and canceling the remainder of their housing for the academic year.

CONSOLIDATION – All residents residing in a room that is not at full occupancy based on the capacity determined by Housing Services are eligible for consolidation. Residents who occupy spaces below the designated capacity may be assigned additional roommates or may be required to move. Refusal or failure to do so may result in additional housing charges (including paying for the additional space). At times, if space on campus permits and at the discretion of Housing Services, residents may be given the option to “buy out” a vacant space in a room, suite or apartment.

ELIGIBILITY – Campus housing is not guaranteed for any student. Additionally, neither the university nor the student has an obligation to renew this agreement for future years. DePaul residence halls are intended for the

Residents are responsible for reading and responding to any official email, voicemail or regular mail sent to them by the university and for updating their information in Campus Connect. Housing Services will communicate with students, mainly via email, using the most updated email registered in Campus Connection. Failure to update or check email, campus mail or U.S. mail addresses will not excuse a student from responding to a message from the university.


use of full-time undergraduate students. Part-time and non- undergraduate students may be accommodated if space permits. Applicants or residents who lose their eligibility to live in campus housing because of a judicial sanction or academic standing are subject to the cancellation fees listed on the previous pages and must inform Housing Services

within two business days of losing housing

eligibility. Any resident who is not enrolled in classes as of the add/drop date of any academic quarter will have his or her Housing Agreement administratively canceled and will be required to move out of campus housing within 24 hours of notification.

ENTRY INTO UNITS BY OCCUPANT – Residents will be issued keys to their unit and are responsible for their safekeeping. Residents may be charged for lock changes and replacement charges if keys are lost, stolen, illegally duplicated or broken. (See Keys & Lock-Outs on page 17 of this guide.)


ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS – The privacy of each resident’s room is an important component of campus housing. Nevertheless, DePaul reserves the right to enter into and search any on-campus living space at any time for the following purposes:

• If there is an apparent emergency or danger to a resident’s or guest’s life, safety, health or property.

• In conjunction with law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties and in accordance with

legally defined procedures governing search and seizure.

• When there is reasonable cause to believe a

violation of any university policy is being, has been or will be committed.

• To perform inspections and to close the buildings over break periods.

• To perform maintenance or repair services. Housing Services facilities staff will attempt, whenever

possible, to provide residents with 24 hours notice before entering a unit for scheduled maintenance and inspection. This notice may be via voicemail, email, the Housing Services website or in the form of written posted communication. Advance notice of entry will not be provided in instances when a resident has submitted a work order via the work order system or indirectly through his or her Area Office.


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