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or building. All guests who do not live in the building (including DePaul students or residents from another residence hall/apartment on campus) must be signed in to the guest register by a resident. Guests must provide state government or DePaul-issued photo identification in order to be signed in. Guests who do not have photo identification will not be allowed to enter the residence halls, no exceptions. The Desk Receptionists will verify the identity of the guest and document his or her name on the electronic register before allowing the visitor beyond the lobby. The host’s ID will be scanned in order to record the date, time and room number.

Residents must escort and sign their guests out of the building with the time clearly listed. Failure to sign out a guest at the time of departure may result in the potential loss of guest privileges.

Each resident may sign in a maximum of two guests at any given time, unless Residential Education professional staff grant prior approval. Student Housing staff reserve the right to prohibit guests from one specific hall or the entire residential community.

HOST RESPONSIBILITY – The host may be personally and financially responsible for the actions and behaviors of all of his or her guests. The host is responsible for informing guests of the policies and procedures of campus housing. Guests must abide by university and residential policies and procedures at all times. The host is accountable and may be subject to disciplinary action if his or her guest violates a policy or procedure. Guests who exhibit inappropriate behavior may be required to leave campus

housing. Residents must be physically present when signing guests in and out at the front desk. The resident host must accompany guests at all times. Residents found to have invited guests into their residence without following these procedures are subject to discipline.

OVERNIGHT GUESTS – Residents are allowed to host overnight guests with the prior permission of their roommates. However, the length of an overnight guest’s stay may be no more than two consecutive nights. Overnight guests must wait at least 14 days before visiting the same room/apartment overnight again. This limitation is designed to prevent abuse of roommate rights. An overnight guest is defined as anyone who is not a resident of a particular room, which includes residents from the same residence hall/apartment. Residents found violating this policy may be subject to disciplinary action. A student whose Housing Agreement has been judicially canceled or revoked for any reason may not be a guest in campus housing. Guests may NOT stay in unoccupied beds without the consent of the resident whose bed is to be used.

Residents living in the Sheffield Square Apartments, Centennial Hall and Vincent and Louise House are not required to sign in guests at a front desk, but are expected to follow the guideline of no more than two guests per resident in an apartment at any given time. Overnight guests should stay for no more than two consecutive nights. As in traditional halls, overnight guests in these buildings must wait at least 14 days before visiting the same room or apartment overnight again.


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