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Park News

Park News

Big Question What’s new for 2021?

in association with

Koen Sanders, Efteling, Netherlands

We have some exciting developments planned in Efteling for 2021. This

Paul Callander, chief strategy officer, Dreamworld,

colouring in pages for our guests to print at home that will both keep them engaged with our brand and keep our brand front of mind.

• Use honesty to create impactful social content – Our park has wildlife that needs care even in a lock-down situation, so we’re telling and showing our guests how we’re continuing to do this.

summer, we will open Nest! play forest, which will be an inclusive area for young children of all abilities to play together, complete with a wheelchair slide, raised sandboxes and a quiet area. It will include elements themed to various roller coasters so that the younger visitors can get a taste of the bigger attractions, which they’re currently too small to ride.

WhiteWaterWorld, SkyPoint: Adapt your brand presence to the environment –We have created

• Find aspects of your business to make virtual –We have set up live stream filming of some of our wildlife so that guests can watch them from home and keep having “Dreamworld” experiences.

• Bring your product or service into the homes of your guests – Our SkyPoint business is working on how-to videos for menu items and cocktails that guests can create at home.

Coen Bertens, theme park

director, Efteling: Thrill seekers can still experience the adrenaline rush of riding a roller coaster through our series of on-ride videos available on the

Efteling YouTube channel, which are filmed from the front carriage on rides at Efteling. For Example, viewers can experience the tale of De Vliegende Hollander (The Flying Dutchman) and the jaw-dropping Baron 1898 dive coaster – which plunges 37.5m into a mineshaft at

platforms and online channels to support its membership with education, professional development, discussion and networking. The program will support online discussion threads, webinars, watch parties, virtual mixers and more – including an online job fair.

Bianca Sammut, Yas Theme Parks, Abu Dhabi 2020 was an unprecedented year, but in spite of that we celebrated Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s 10th anniversary and launched not one, but four new attractions. We are very excited about

TEA Digital launches The Themed Entertainment

Association (TEA) has launched TEA Digital to use the

organisation’s dedicated, global

We’re also further developing the square close to the family roller coaster, Max & Moritz, which opened in 2020. In winter 2021, there will be a new artisanal bakery named Bäckerei Krümel, providing a selection of freshly baked tray bakes, flat breads and pizzas, roasted coffees and fresh juices. It will seat 125 people inside and 50 outside on the square, and is part of our strategy to continue to diversify our catering options around the park. The building will be designed in the theme of the family roller coaster and those visitors who play close attention will see traces of the rascals Max and Moritz and the tricks that they play. Between 4 January and 8 March, the Efteling Hotel will close while all comfort rooms and four Junior Suites are completely renovated and two new comfort rooms are added. The theming, furniture and bathroom facilities will all be changed to create a hotel room of dreams. Every piece of furniture, from bedside lamps to chairs and bathroom mirrors will be donated to a local charitable organisation.

what’s to come in 2021 as there are lots of surprises awaiting across the parks. We are eagerly looking forward to welcoming back our guests from all around the world next year.

Further to that, we’re also working on elevating the guest experience across all of our parks and CLYMB. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve and are getting ready to adopt contactless technology that will deliver a truly seamless guest experience.

Pia Adlivankin, CEO,

The New Atlantis precinct opening in 2021 is going to be a game-changer for Sea World and will become a destination where our guests can experience the myths, mysteries, quests and challenges located within the new multi-million-dollar utopian precinct.

experiences through our multiple channels. For children who are being homeschooled right now, we offer joy in thhe form of free-of-charge learning materials on our website related to Linnanmäki Amusement Park and also current topics such as learning media skills.

Clark Kirby, Village Roadshow Theme Parks, Australia

e form of fre

The New Atlantis precinct will feature three world- class rides including the Vortex, an 18-metre swinging pendulum attraction, the Leviathan, the world’s greatest family roller coaster and the Trident, a 42-metre spinning sky flying ride.

Across our popular social media channels we offer amusing content such as many quizzes, fun things to do, challenges and funny contests to keep the younger-ones entertained. Also, Linnanmäki has enchanting material throughout its 70-year-old history, so we have brought photographs from our archives to our social mediaa cchhaannnneels for people to marvel and to refresh their good amusement park memories.

ls fo

We can’t wait for our guests to step into this all-new utopian destination and embark on their Atlantean adventure to conquer their greatest challenges at The New Atlantis, coming soon at Sea World.

In addition, this spring we will launch our very own amusement park boardgame, featuring a range of fun tasks that will challenge their intellect. This game will enable our guests to enjoy Linnanmäki Amusement Park while at home.

Smurfs theme park re-opens in China After a long period of closure, Smurfs theme park ‘Dream City’ in China has opened its doors again for the public. One of the main attractions is Lagotronics Project’s recently installed GameChanger dark ride, ‘Swamp Adventure’,

which is completely themed in Smurfs style.

Nick Laister, Fairytale Farm, UK

We have a number of new attractions opening in 2021. First to open will be our brand-new indoor play area, called the Land of Make-Believe, which is a sensory play area, themed as an Enchanted Fairytale Woodland, complete with Fairytale Castle, slide and lots of interactive features. This will hopefully

Linnanmäki Amusement Park: During this exceptional time we want to keep our guests close and still offer them fun and joy with amusement park -like

recently opened attraction, Fabula as well as three different journeys through the magical Syymbolica: Palace of Fantasy.

mbolica: Pa

Alongside this, users can get Efteling tips from Efteling employees, behind-the-scenes access and sneak peaks of the new double family roller coaster,Max &Moritz.

in associationwith

How do you keep guests engaged, while gates are shut? 90km/h. The channel also has walk-throughs of the

During our closed period in November, we also invested in a number of improvements that took advantage of the farm being visitor-free, including resurfacing our car park and replacing some of our older animal enclosures. We are looking forward to much better things in 2021!

entertainned, we have created a way for our guests to engage with Ripley’s virtually.

ed, we have c Ripley’s Aquariums at Home and Outside the

Odditorium can be used as hubs for a schedule of live Facebook events, downloadable educational materials, arts-and-crafts, and more.

Be sure to follow us to tune in for events like Story Time Live!, Champs & Chumps with Dustyn, and even live readings ofMoby Dick… on toilet paper!

These sites will be continuously updated with additional lesson plans and activities throughout the week.

The year 2020 came as a surprise to the whole industry. However, we did manage to delight our guests by bringing in a new slide, Twister, which is a fun new addition in our Big Milk Water Park.

Following advice from health officials to practice social distancing, our Ripley’s Believe It or Not! attractions and Ripley’s Aquariums are temporarily closed, but we are thankful for the opportunity to deliver free, family-friendly entertainment and educational Ripley’s programs directly to your homes.

Kris Kodjer, Energylandia, Poland

So, we can still say the Energylandia adds on new attractions each and every year!

We are extremely proud of the awards that our Park received for the Zadra and Hyperion roller coasters last year. As it turned out, we are the 6th best theme park in all of Europe!

TessaMaessen, Communications Manager, Toverland:We keep our guests entertained through our social media channels.We share our park shows and on ride videos of our main

Covid-19: IAAPAprovidesadditional resources Visitors to the IAAPAMember Resource Center can learn more about the support in their region and take advantage of free IAAPA resources, including Covid-19 webinars, a Crisis Communications Plan Template, the IAAPA Security Advisory Program, Covid-19 Educational Series and more.

It is our greatest hope that 2021 will be way more positive. We are very excited to premiere the new Aqualantis zone which has been designed as key in the marketing strategy for our amusement park, not only in Poland, but all-around Europe as well! Spanning over the area of six hectares there are many attractions for the whole family, including our flagship Shock Wave type roller coaster, the big and mighty Abyssus. This double launch coaster provides a double magnetic discharge, an amazing route, and so much more… in 2021.

attractions.We also provide games to play at home and ask our followers to share their best Toverland memories with us.


be opening in time for the start of the season. We had pressed the button on this before Covid struck, but decided to continue with the development. Later in the year we will be opening our new party rooms building, ready for when birthday parties can safely restart after Covid.

Suzanne Smagala-Potts, public relationsmanager, Ripley Entertainment:With so many families staying at home and looking for ways to keep their children


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