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Tivoli Friheden 2020 Blomsterfestival, MK Attractions


areas must also be designed properly, scaling queue lines and access based on the new regulations.

become an important trend in leisure venues too. As the entertainment industry grows globally, we must start incorporating the use of renewable energies and sustainable resources, as well as construction and fabrication techniques and recycling programmes which are respectful with the environment. Smart Cities will need smart leisure. Our team has professionals highly experienced in sustainable planning and architecture and we are already applying these principles in many of our ongoing projects.

“And of course, another important challenge will be social distancing in all aspects of operations: capacities, services, mobility, accessibility, safety, waiting and circulation areas, hygiene measures, etc. All these factors must be carefully considered in masterplanning. Themed areas must also be designed properly, scaling queue lines and accesses based on the new regulations, incorporating the necessary touchless technology, such as RFI readers, as well as smart devices for guest behaviour and flow control.”

Upcoming projects and examples of best practice

Phillip van Stratum comments on what’s coming up from P&P Projects: “At the moment, we are working on five immersive projects, and one that is already finished, but has not had the chance to open yet. This is the Uderlandet Ride for Liseberg in Sweden; an immersive darkride which was heavily themed, had lots of details in the showsets and a large amount of AV and lighting. We had the greatest of fun while working on this ride! “Additionally, we designed and built a unique outdoor experience for KongoParken in Norway and more exciting developments which are about to open in 2021 and some in 2022.

“Furthermore, we are involved in five other very high quality and IP related rides and attractions for various clients. “All projects are fully immersive, some of them real modern classics, and two of them are the next generation of dark rides, including a design-build project for Movie Park Germany which includes not only great show sets but also, AV, special effects, animated huge figure and more and some new developments and the realization of Madam Tussauds Dubai.

Wuxi 2, Unlimited Snow 28

“We are also working on a few exciting immersive experiences, for state-of the-art attractions for a major worldwide organisation in our industry. Unfortunately, as with most of our work, this is all under NDA. But stay tuned and hopefully the parks and our entire industry will

be able to be fully operational again later this year and get out of this horrible situation.... fingers crossed.” Scruffy Dog Creative Group’s Diego Cid comments: “We feel fortunate that despite all of the challenging times for the global industry, we have managed to keep providing our clients undivided attention and delivering our projects successfully, every time. We started 2021 working as the lead entertainment consultant on the words largest new project in Saudi Arabia, along with some ongoing projects, as well as new contracts which are currently confidential. However, I can anticipate that our agenda will include some exciting projects, like the overall design of one of the largest indoor theme parks ever made worldwide, the technical development of two FEC‘s for a renowned toys brand, opening new locations in Europe and the Emirates, the concept design of several venues in a large scale leisure development in the Middle East, or the creation of an exclusive Water Park Resort in Asia, as well as working as the lead entertainment consultant on the words largest new project in Saudi Arabia.

“And of course, these projects ahead will take not only an important amount of creativity and effort, but also the application of as many of our best practices as possible to our design: scaling themed venues must be scaled to a realistic financial model in order to be sustainable; smart planning and architecture must be sensible with the environment; adding green roofs and optimal use of water; suggesting renewable energy solutions; anticipating accessibility and inclusive standards; proposing clean mobility strategies for guests; planning with the best safety and health standards in mind; keeping strict art direction and production supervision from start to finish; working always under the code of conduct for our industry.” Commenting on upcoming projects from MK Themed Atrractions Lars Nielsen says: “This year Paultons Park’s Tornado Springs will open, and we look forward to showing the interesting tornado theme that we have produced and installed for the English amusement park. We will also deliver more IP characters for Jesperhus Feriepark and we are currently working on a re-theme for Djurs Sommerland, along with a brand-new parade-float for Europa Park.”

Jan Blomme of ShowTex says: “Examples of upcoming projects are difficult to give due to NDAs, but there are a few impressive ones in the pipeline,” says Natalie Roeland, ShowTex. “Recent collaborations include Puy du Fou (France), PlopsAqua (Belgium), Heureka Science Center (Finland), Disneyland Shanghai (China), Dubai Parks and Resorts (United Arab Emirates), Plopsaland (Belgium), Ferrari World (United Arab Emirates), Plopsa Indoor (The Netherlands), Futuroscope (France), Ocean Park (Hong Kong), IMG World (United Arab Emirates), Efteling (The Netherlands), Mayaland (Belgium), Holiday Indoor (Germany).”

“We are finishing something quite big in China right now so stay tuned,” promises Konstantin Karamfilov, Walltopia. “As far as our older work goes – I’ve already mentioned Angry Birds in Doha where we synced the theme and the attractions very well, so this is something to be proud of. Another example is Chang Chung where we aimed for a very immersive environment. Actually, many believe that active entertainment products such as ours are difficult to theme and while this may be true to an extent,


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