for re-utilising elements and developing a successful plan to meet your timeframe, project goals and budget.

When you

look at renovating an attraction

there are so many things you can do to create a whole new ride experience for your guests.

What are the various forms of renovation that a park can consider?

When you look at renovating an attraction there are so many things you can do to create a whole new ride experience for your guests. As a lot of outdoor waterparks in the U.S. are getting older, and there have been many technology advancements that parks can take advantage of. For example, you could incorporate lights and sound into your attractions.

If you have a really slow river, you could add additional boosters to create a new, faster ride experience. Or if you have stairs that lead into the river, you could instead renovate the river and build a sun shelf or beach entry instead. Situate chairs and lounge space around the new beach entry and it will provide you with not only a new feel to your river but also a whole new destination experience in your park.

How much time should be set aside for a typical renovation project? What kind of budget?

Typically, a renovation project for an outdoor water park is very doable between seasons. With indoor projects you are working in a year-round facility in an enclosed space. So you need to ask yourself: how long can your park be shut down for a period of time to complete a renovation project, or are you going to section off the area of the indoor facility and keep the rest of your park operational during this time? Once you have these answers, your design/build team can determine what they can do in your timeframe.


Are there ways to measure how a renovation can pay off for a facility in terms of revenue?

It is very difficult to attribute a single attraction or renovation area to an increase in revenue. However, if you renovate an area and can drive more traffic to that section of the park, you can increase food and beverage sales, or incidental spends by situating these key money- making buildings near areas where guests can recreate. If your guests set up ‘camp’ by an attraction, then they will be there back and forth throughout the day—passing by the t-shirts, the snow cones and the season pass upgrade options.

Is it possible to undertake a renovation project during COVID-19?

Yes, it is possible to undertake a renovation project during COVID-19. The process will be impacted due to field worker travel and materials. Our workers need to travel to and from the site, and as state mandates or travel quarantine regulations continue to evolve and change daily, it can pose a delay on a project. Another issue is sourcing materials. Purchasing raw materials right now can be difficult as a lot of vendors are working short-staffed or are having long delays in acquiring goods.

As you begin making plans for the next new addition to your waterpark, consider how renovation could be part of the equation. With the right design partner and the right set of questions, you could soon be embarking on an exciting renovation project that will excite your guests and drive great results for your business.


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