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New Products

New Products

Led Zeppelin Themed Pinball from Stern

Stern Pinball has announced the release of a Led Zeppelin line of pinball machines. The Led Zeppelin games include 10 full length studio Led Zeppelin performances, player selectable at the start of each ball. The Pro models feature a custom-molded Hindenburg Zeppelin toy, based on the iconic imagery from the Led Zeppelin I album. When lit, the Zeppelin toy scores speed locks on the

Despite the widespread uncertainty caused by Covid-19, by all accounts Amusement Expo International still proved a successful event, giving exhibitors a prime opportunity to showcase their latest product innovations in New Orleans from10-11 March. For thismonth’s new product round-up, Bryony Andrews, editor of, spoke to a number of key industry players to find out which new launches garnered the biggest buzz with visitors...

player’s musical journey to Zeppelin multiball. A custom Swan Song Records trademark Icarus sculpted leaper toy takes fl ight when smashed by the chaotic pinball. A 3-bank of drop targets, 3 custom steel ramps, and 3 fl ippers keep the pinball action rolling.

Lester Travasso, sales and marketing executive, Sega: Sega wrapped up a successful Amusements Expo. The amusements games developer claimed it had a better than expected show this year, presenting four units of Power Roll units with mega marquees that made quite the impression at the show. According to Travasso, the “jaw-dropping cabinet design, fun and intuitive gameplay attracted operators to open up a conversation about adding this to their parks, family entertainment centres or arcades.” Sega’sMission Impossible Arcade also

impressed visitors with its next-gen four-player super deluxe cabinet. The video game was continuously played thanks to the large 55” monitors, explosive sound and immersive gameplay. One of the most talked-about games at the show

was Shoot ItWin It, said Travasso. “This classically simple game see player shoot corks at targets to win prizes. Phenomenal reviews from players and operators Sega say Shoot ItWin It is a must-have for 2020.”

APT SKIDATA Smart Technology

APT SKIDATA has launched a new mobile-based digital solution to deliver greater operational effi ciencies and enhanced fi nancial returns for visitor attractions using its people access solutions. The smart technology allows APT SKIDATA’s clients to use their own smartphone to visually share any technical diffi culties with APT SKIDATA’s support team in real time via a dedicated App. The APT Engineers can then diagnose faults and instigate repairs remotely, maximising equipment uptime and supporting a better visitor experience. The solution is powered by SightCall, an augmented reality (AR)-enabled visual assistance platform.

TomKane, director of export sales, Betson Enterprises Inc: “Despite the current health concerns and resulting drop in attendance, the Amusement Expo was certainly deemed a success. Betson exhibited four new Raw Thrills titles. The interactive VR unit, King Kong of Skull Island, garnished the lion’s share of the attention. The new redemption unit BUST-A-MOVE Frenzy was unveiled along with the completed versions of the Nitro Truck driving video and the Big Buck Hunter Reloaded, vastly expanded shooting unit. All four titles are demonstrating the strength of performance typical of Raw Thrills’ units.”

Steve Ignarski, national sales manager for Bandai Namco Amusement America Inc: Although the current climate is uncertain with less attendance than usual, it has not hindered us in surpassing our targets with plenty of customers at this year’s expo. The industry has resolutely come together for a positive show, acting creatively with adapted greetings and procedures in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. “Red Zone Rush brought

SpectraVerse Attractions

in the usual flurry of players and we can confirm high purchase numbers have been maintained. As expected, the US debut of BallMadness inspired similar responses to its UK showcase – ample interest and a deep fascination into this unique and dynamic game.”

Strike Arena

Falcon’s Creative Group has launched a new range of interactive walking adventure attractions called SpectraVerse, which use immersive storytelling techniques and advanced media technologies to empower individuals with their own unique role and positionally tracked perspective. In SpectraVerse Odyssey attraction, each guest engages with real-time interactive media content as their group travels from scene to scene in a pulsed, walk-through experience. In SpectraVerse Quest attraction, squads roam freely in a competitive or cooperative interactive gaming environment that adapts to each player’s perspective. Both confi gurations are complemented by themed scenic environments, surround sound audio-scapes, lighting, special effects, and other show elements, utilising 3D positional tracking and a real-time game engine to generate dynamic content and perspectives that are specifi c to each individual guest.

Embedwins two awards There were two award wins for Embed at the Amusement Expo: the cashless management systems supplier won the Best Booth Design Award and the AMOA Operator’s Choice Award.Embed's show presence stand was dominated by itsMobileWallet, a virtual game card that can be added to the Apple Wallet or Google Pay and the Bling bar that showcased the company’s RF media and wearables. ReneeWalsh, CEO Solutions Group at Embed, commented: “This win is huge for us. It not only validates our company’s positions as an innovation leader, thought-leader and marker-maker but also confirms that we are ‘the choice’ for our customers, the operators. I’m also very proud of our Development team for passionately endeavouring to innovate and drive development on products that have the power to transform the industry.”

a versatile hybrid card reader that is the first of its kind in the amusement industry. It accepts credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) as well as stored-value play cards. This allows operators to leverage the burgeoning consumer use of credit cards for small transactions like game play. The Impulse is the future of amusement and visitors were impressed with the ease-of-use of the Impulse, which does not require the customer to download an app or set up a mobile wallet.”

Vladimir Avdeev, President at Boxblaster VR: “The Gold andMace game was the greatest hit on our Boxblaster VR attraction. Everyone who stopped by our booth at the Amusement Expo played it.Many players told me that unique, fun games like that come out once in a decade, and the excitement it stirs is why they enjoyed it so much.”

Play Area Hygiene Services (PAHS) and Rugged Interactive have created a new ‘pay to play’ attraction, Strike Arena. The adaptable, ‘pay to play’ attraction is designed for all age groups, and can be as big or small as needed thanks to a range of different modules. The aim of the game is for the team to score the most points within a time frame. Standing

Lynda Brotherton, globalmarketing director, Intercard: “There was great interest at AMOA 2020 for Intercard’s

much-anticipated iReader Impulse,

in the way of the coloured pods is a vast array of obstacles and apparatus designed to test skill, speed and strength – the team that scores the most points is crowned the winner! The frenetic, adrenalin-inducing course has 18 challenges to choose from, ranging from ball pools to rope climbs, designed to improve health and fi tness, deliver fun and ensure customer satisfaction.

ValoJump Air Track Version

With the aim of creating something that would facilitate product installation and make it easier to offer ValoJumps to a wider range of locations and customer types, the ValoJump air uses an air track instead of a trampoline. “We are particularly excited about this new option since ValoJump air offers the Valo Motion signature quality gaming experience while requiring a ceiling height of only 3m (9ft 10 in),” said a Valomotion spokesperson. “ValoJump air is designed to offer an easy, inexpensive retrofi t opportunity.”

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LAI Games wins AMOA Innovator Award for HYPERpitch HYPERpitch is a single or double-player baseball-style pitching game that challenges players to compete for the fastest, most

accurate throw. The skill game features dynamic lights that chase the ball down the HYPER Tunnel while explosive sound effects create an incredible sensation of power as the ball hits the target. Real-time sports commentary adds to the fun, competitive atmosphere as each player gets three attempts to pitch a ball at the bullseye. It’s an accessible, all-ages game that levels the playing field with its speed vs accuracy scoring system. Chris Brady, LAI Games VP of sales, commented: “We consider the AMOA Innovator Awardto be the premiere award in our industry, because it is voted on by operators. It is an honor for HYPERpitch to be chosen this year.” LAI Games has won numerous AMOA awards in the

past three years, for Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride, Let’s Bounce, HYPERshoot, and the Snapshot 2 photo booth.

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