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IAAPA cancels IAAPA EMEA Trade Summit 2021 and IAAPA FEC Summit


AAPA has announced the cancellation of its EMEA Trade Summit next month. In a statement released today on 7 January Jakob Wahl, executive director and vice president, IAAPA EMEA said: “IAAPA’s priority remains supporting our members in their efforts to reopen their facilities in spring. After careful review, and with significant input from members, exhibitors, and our team, we decided against coming together in February for IAAPA EMEA Trade Summit, which was scheduled for 02 – 04 Feb. at Europa-Park, Germany. We are disappointed to have made this

decision to cancel but now is not the time.” Thanking the industry for its feedback and support, Wahl said IAAPA would continue to develop this event format further to “bring it to life in the future”. He added that the association is moving forward with plans to host IAAPA EMEA Spring Summit to be held on 01- 03 June in Belgium. “We will provide updated information in the coming weeks. We also look forward to hosting IAAPA Expo Europe in Barcelona, Spain, this September,” said Wahl.

In December the association also announced

the postponement of the The IAAPA FEC Summit, originally scheduled for 24-26 January in Arizona at the WeKoPa Resort & Conference Centre. IAAPA cited “the continued impact of the global pandemic on the attractions industry, travel barriers and evolving guidance for hosting meetings and groups”. The event is now set to take place in summer 2021.

Signature Tower new From Maurer Rides

Maurer Rides has designed a concept. The Spike Signature Tower is a powered roller coaster that looks like a signature or autograph; like the company logo or the lettering of the leading brand product. That is, a brand becomes an unforgettable experience. Emotion is paired with a message, and it’s visible from afar.

This is the core of the new concept Signature Tower from the Munich- based roller coaster manufacturer Maurer Rides. The technical basis of the Signature Tower is the patented and award-winning Spike drive. It frees the designers from limiting facts like lifts, launches, or block brakes and opens up a densely packed ride experience. The Signature Tower spirals upward: curve, arc, loop, figure eight, one level after another, passengers’ jet upward, experiencing wide-open views and uplifting forces before plummeting back down into the tangle of calligraphy styled Signature coils.

The new concept idea has so much potential that Maurer Rides wants to


build up its own sub-brand from it: “Signature towers make their mark: in the landscape, in the design, and in recognition. Every company gets its very own unmistakable tower with a colour and lighting concept,” explained managing director and engineer, Jörg Beutler.

The tower concept saves on only one thing: the footprint. This roller coaster tower, which is 30 meters (98 feet) high in concept, can be scaled to any height. Riders should feel comfortable because part of the Spike concept is that they actually control their own speed at every moment of the ride. This means that even spectacular track layouts can be ridden family-like. Another effect of the dense tower design is that the cars meet each other on the ascent and descent, something that rarely happens on conventional roller coaster layouts. “Especially at night, the Signature Towers are visible from afar. And they are more than just an illuminated ride: they are a pure brand, visible, accessible, unique,” said Beutler.

KidZania Surabaya officially opens its doors!

On December 12th, during an exciting and moving ceremony held at Lagoon Avenue Mall Sungkono and broadcasted via Zoom, KidZania Surabaya officially opened its doors as the most recent KidZania facility. Top executives of KidZania Indonesia shared inspiring and encouraging messages for the newest team. Moreover, Mr. Tarno Darwan, Governor of KidZania Surabaya, also stated his commitment to continue inspiring more children and deliver memorable experiences to its visitors, while empowering kids to become remarkable global citizens.

Xavier Lopez Ancona, CEO of KidZania, also sent a video message acknowledging the outstanding work done to make KidZania Surabaya a reality, even in the middle of the challenging times we are living. Regarding this matter, he mentioned: “2020 has definitely been a challenging year, and even though we were ready to open KidZania Surabaya since March, the COVID- 19 pandemic posed a few hurdles along the way. Nonetheless, today we are celebrating together that KidZania Surabaya has finally opened its doors.” KidZania Surabaya has a 4500m2 footprint at the 2nd floor of the Grand Sungkono Lagoon complex. In this facility, children will be able to choose from more than 45 exciting role-playing activities that have the perfect blend of learning and entertainment.


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