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found software, insurance, mobile apps, as well as ride manufacturers, designers and builders of concepts for play areas and attractions. There will also be representatives from

companies offering marketing support, cleaning and maintenance services, as well as digital analytics and forensics. In addition to the networking

beverage. Founded in 1936, BALPPA is the non-

Product Showcase

profit-making Trade Association representing the interests of owners, managers, suppliers and developers in the UK’s commercial leisure parks, piers, zoos, family entertainment centres (indoor play and soft play centres) and static visitor attractions sector.

and both tracks will offer an exciting adventure for all riders but is particularly aimed at children aged four to ten.

Trains and test runs The Max locomotive, weighing more than 1,300 kg, is now in place on the track – meaning one of the two rascals has found his place in Efteling. Efteling’s Theme Park director, Coen Bertens said: “This is another major milestone for the project and is certainly exciting. It takes about three days to assemble the entire train, bringing the most important elements – track and train – together. The next step is testing the ride and we are all really looking forward to it.” The second train, representing Moritz, will follow late March. When the trains are

complete, the test runs will start. Each train of the Max & Moritz roller coaster consists of one locomotive and nine

sets of carriages. In total, 38 visitors will ride one train. Before the family roller coaster opens, test runs are conducted – a special moment for the project team and the designers as this is the first time they will see their work come together. Bertens said: “Over almost 500 test runs, we look at how the train performs on the

track, how fast it is and how the light and sound effects react. Guest safety on the ride is also extensively In addition to the ride, a new restaurant, ‘Frau Boltes Küche’, will open close to 1 866 833 8580 | 905 649 5047


Max & Moritz. The area surrounding the ride, including the new restaurant, will be influenced by the Max & Moritz poem. In particular, the new restaurant resembles one of the boys’ tricks where Max and Moritz try to steal Frau Bolte’s cooked

chicken. For this reason, ‘Frau Boltes Küche’ will serve a range of chicken dishes, fries and snacks.

MARCH 2020

Moritz, nears completion

Ahead of its launch, Efteling – the fairytale theme park in the south of Holland – has this revealed further details of its new family roller coaster, Max & Moritz, with the arrival of its first train. When complete, the double roller coaster will comprise two trains – one

representing Max and the other Moritz, named after two naughty schoolboys from the German rhyming story Max und Moritz. When the neighbours come to complain about Max and Moritz, their mother,

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Frau Schmetterling, locks them up in her workshop. The two rascals make a clever plan to escape from it. Visitors to the family roller coaster escape with Max and Moritz on a crazy

adventure. When they return to the workshop, they are surprised by yet another trick by Max and Moritz. Moritz makes the pipe of their teacher explode, so that the train goes around one more time. Meanwhile, Max jumps so hard on a large whoopee cushion that this train also makes a second lap. The trains will run in opposite directions,

Half Pipe Intamin

Height: 30m / 98ft Max Speed: 70 kmh / 43mph

G-Force Maurer

Track Length: 385m / 1263ft Inversions: 3

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