Ride Update

late 2018. Guests also can enjoy scenic views from the attraction’s 80-foot-tall (24 m) observation tower. “With the addition of the Flying Ox, Paula Deen’s

Lumberjack Feud Show & Adventure Park is the only location in the world where thrill seekers can ride a cable-to-rail zipline roller coaster,” said Vice President of Marketing Josh Mayberry. “Lumberjack Square strives to provide a unique experience where guests can watch a lumberjack show then try their hand at some of the competitive events they see performed by the professional lumberjacks.”

Guests can experience a log roll and boom run while secured by harnesses that keep participants from landing in the water. A lumberjack-themed ropes course, speed climb towers, and a simulated free-fall from an 80-foot-tall jump platform are also offered.

Laser Gun Coaster Also found in Pigeon Forge is the Laser Gun Coaster, North America’s First Mystical Hex coaster from Wiegand. This is a two-seater suspended coaster that swings, dips, and soars through the Ridge of Rowdy Bear. It combines the thrill of a coaster with the action of laser tag. The Laser Gun Coaster is the North America’s first “in air” outdoor laser gun coaster experience where riders try to hit as many targets as possible during the ride. The twin seater gondolas swing and dip throughout the four cable lifts and gravity driven downhills. While swinging on the coaster, customers compete for the high score with the Laser Gun Ride System which was installed by RB Creative. Riders aim and fire their guns at the 45 targets located along their way, with scores displayed to determine their success. Laser Gun Coaster is suitable for riders 40” (102 cm) tall and up. It operates day and night (targets appear brighter at night). Laser Gun Coaster contains two lift hills before releasing riders. The total ride time is two minutes including 55 seconds on the lifts and more than a minute twisting downhill. The ride drops a total of 60 feet during its 1,300 foot long ride.

Electric Power Rowdy Bear Ridge is also awaiting the grand opening of another new addition to its coaster park, the first CoasterKart in the world It is also developed by Wiegand. Yet to be named, this new 2,200 foot (671 m) long coaster will have the ability to thrill without the need of gravity as it weaves beneath the Laser Gun coaster and even through a tunnel. Riders control the speed of each individual cart as it accelerate uphill and downhill with continuous electric power throughout the ride. But while it looks like a coaster, is it still a coaster without gravity power? The grand opening is expected in the Spring of 2021.

With the

addition of the Flying Ox, Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud Show & Adventure Park is the only location in the world where thrill seekers can ride a cable-to-rail zipline coaster.

Sevier County Mountain Coaster Arsenal Name

In Gatlinburg Rowdy Bear Mountain Coaster Rowdy Bear Mountain Glider Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

Ski Mountain Coaster at Ober Gatlinburg Rail Runner at Anakeesta Village In Pigeon Forge

Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

The Coaster at Goats on the Roof Flying Ox at Lumberjack Square

Laser Gun Coaster at Rowdy Bear Ridge Not yet opened at Rowdy Bear Ridge


Wiegand Alpine Coaster Walltopia Rollglider

Wiegand Alpine Coaster ADG Mountain Coaster Brandauer Monorail

Wiegand Alpine Coaster Wiegand Alpine Coaster Wiegand Alpine Coaster

CLIMB Works Zipline Coaster Wiegand Mystical Hex Inverted Wiegand Powered CoasterKart



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