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DC Super Hero Sarurday returns to Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi


arner Bros. World Abu Dhabi’s DC Super Hero Saturdays have begun, running every Saturday from 16

January till 27 February.

With a line-up of exciting activities set to take place every Saturday, guests can expect an adventure- filled day with DC Super Heroes including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Cyborg. Guests will have the chance to experience the brand-new show “DC Super Heroes in Training 2.0”, featuring Wonder Woman, Green

Lantern and The Flash as they lead the young trainees through a series of strength, speed and agility exercises while also imparting insight into what it takes to be a real hero.

Fan-favourite Looney Tunes will showcase their powers in their own action-packed special show, “Super Looney Tunes” at the Warner Bros. Plaza, as they appear dressed as DC Super Heroes. There are photo opportunities with DC’s Justice League and Looney Tunes after the shows.

Guests can also satisfy their cravings with the Hero ICON park unveils two attractions for 2021

ICON Park, a walkable entertainment destination in the heart of Orlando’s International Drive, will introduce two new record-breaking attractions in 2021, the Orlando Slingshot and the Orlando Gyro Drop Tower. Both rides are from Funtime Handels.

Known as the world’s tallest slingshot, the Orlando Slingshot is an attraction towering 300 feet in height. Riders will experience the adrenaline rush of a lifetime as they are catapulted 450 feet into the air. It will feature innovative dual-loading, allowing guests to be

loading while another is experiencing the attraction. The Orlando Gyro Drop Tower will raise riders high above the ICON Park skyline, with the attraction reaching 400 feet in height—making it the world’s tallest free-standing drop tower. The attraction begins with an intense climb as the ride gyrates around the tower until it reaches the top. After an unexpected twist, riders hearts will be racing as they free fall 350 feet back to Earth traveling up to 75 miles per hour. The Orlando Slingshot and Orlando Gyro Drop Tower are owned by Slingshot Group of Companies. Last year, Slingshot Group of Companies brought the well- known StarFlyer to ICON Park.

“We’ve had such great success with StarFlyer, we can’t wait to bring the Orlando Slingshot and Orlando Gyro Drop Tower to the world-class destination of ICON Park,” said Ritchie Armstrong, partner of Slingshot Group of Companies. “We love ICON Park and hope to continue working together to bring exciting attractions to Orlando.”

Scruffy Dog Creative is now a member of the OCT Alliance of Planning & Design. The international, master planning, design and production agency, was awarded the certificate during the 4th OCT Alliance of Planning & Design Member conference held on the 7th December.

The organisation was founded by the OCT Group and brings together a network of experts in the field of planning consulting, architectural and landscape design. Members of the Alliance have priorities to participate in the planning and design of various projects for OCT Group.

Current members of the OCT Alliance include 23 WINTER PART 1 2021

Scruffy Dog Creative Group joins OCT Alliance of Planning and Design Development (Asia).

experts and 58 companies from the related fields. The Alliance was spearheaded by Sophie, Scruffy Dog Creatives Head of Marketing and Business

Scruffy Dogs CEO, Joe Bright says: “Sophie is a key to establishing our relationships in this region. The OCT Group has ranked top 3 among all theme park groups worldwide and top 1 in Asia, therefore it a privilege to be asked to join the Alliance of Planning and Design”. Alongside leading on the world’s largest indoor theme park due to open 2024 in China, Scruffy Dog Creative is already experiencing rapid growth in this region. Bright continues: “We see Asia as a key area for our business, the growth we are seeing here is exceptional and we are optimistic that this will continue into 2021 and beyond.


Hunger Buster at Big Belly Burger and indulge in exclusive cake-pops at Beverly Hills Boulangerie. They can quench their thirst with mouth-watering beverages at Beverly Hills Boulangerie and try out the new Red Velvet coffee inspired by The Flash himself! Little ones can build their very own Batmobile cookie at The Starlight Terrace too.

Guests can also select from a wide range of limited- edition capes and exclusive merchandise and bundles from the new “Funko Pop Looney Tunes as DC Super Heroes” and other retail outlets around the park.

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