Then you have to lay out the goals of the project. Are you looking to increase attendance? Do you want to improve marketability? Would you like to draw more people to an area of the park to increase incidental revenues from F&B or retail outlets?

After you ask yourself these questions, you can then determine if a renovation is a right-fit for your property. The definition of a renovation is taking something that you already have and making it better, and that is the beauty with a project like this. Even when you cannot add a big, new, flashy ride every season, your loyal guests and season pass holders will notice and will appreciate that you care about keeping your park refreshed, clean and looking its best.

Can a renovation be done with a smaller budget?

A renovation can be done on a smaller budget; it just depends on the scope of the project.

I think another way to look at it is, if I wanted to do something in my park like add a whole feature, I could instead, put those dollars into renovating an existing ride and stretch my dollars a little bit farther.

If you are working on a limited budget and considering a renovation, there does come a point in which it may


not be the most cost-effective option. If your attraction or portion of your park is no longer working, or is defective and pieces, equipment or foundations cannot be reutilized, this will not make for a budget conscious renovation project.

Another option is phasing the project. Maybe one full area of your park is looking tired but you are working on a smaller more limited budget this year. Instead you could work with a team to phase out your project over several years, renovating one piece of the park at a time.

How might the process look different for smaller budgets vs. larger budgets? If you are hoping to add a new marketable attraction but are working on a small budget, it may be difficult to get everything you want out of a project. Start by saying, what can I do with my park (within my budget constraints) and look at things that are guest enhancers. You might clean up finishes, refurbish your landing pools, replace your old changing rooms, etc. If you need to make a big splash with your project, you may need more capital to do so. Regardless of budget, the process still starts the same. It begins by taking a step back and finding those weak spots in your park and having an experienced aquatic design/ build team come in and see what creative ideas they have

3 factors to consider when looking at a renovation for your park:

1. Aesthetic. You want to make the entire surrounding area, not just the ride, look aesthetically pleasing so it is inviting and attractive to your guests. 2. Mechanical. If you have existing mechanical rooms and equipment, you can possibly save project dollars and invest them into a new ride/attraction. 3. Financial. You have to have enough capital to complete the project. So what is your budget and how do you perceive accomplishing your goals within these parameters?

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