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Kees Albers, Unlimited Snow

Unlimited Snow park day It all starts

with a good story. When you have a story that fits your park or attraction, it almost becomes easy to create the immersive worlds around it.

that are trustworthy and capable of dreaming along with you, so your ideas can be turned into your wildest dream, keeping in mind how the end-result will be.” Phillip van Stratum of P&P Projects agrees: “It all starts with a good story. When you have a story that fits your park or attraction, it almost becomes easy to create the immersive worlds around it. When you add characters and backstories to the characters, this will be a great tool to create the landscaping (what kind of environment do they live in?; city, forest etc.) architecture (what house or building or neighborhood do they live in?), atmosphere (dark versus light, happy versus grim), vehicles that the characters use (cars, planes, jet packs, any tool of transportation really) and what kind of objects are used, for example what they wear and eat (which you can use in the merchandise and restaurants)?

“Once that is done, we create concept arts and if an IP is involved, we enter an approval process. This than results in a schematic design and detailed design. “We create 3D computer environments to make sure everything works, we design our work in 3D computer programmes (both technical and for visual references). We use VR technology and work with BIM 360, but also traditional scale models are used in the process, as a guideline for the production teams.

“Once all plans and construction drawings are ready and the sample programme is done and approved, the production starts to create the immersive worlds, animated props an animated figures, special effects, as well as the video and music content and lighting design. “All of this is done prefab and pre-setup which includes testing of the experience. Lastly, all elements are shipped to site where a team of specialists puts it all together.” Diego Cid explains the Scruffy Dog Creative Group process: “The creation of an immersive experience is a complex process and a coordinated effort of different specialists, from Bluesky to the opening day, from an escape room to a massive theme park, each project has its own process, but regardless of the scale and budget, they usually share a common start:

“We start every project with a deep analysis and research, so we make sure whatever we propose is original, innovative and different to the rest of the existing leisure destinations in the area.

Tivoli Friheden 2020 Blomsetrfestival, MK Attractions


“Next we create a strong narrative; once we identify the character of the region, which historic, social and cultural elements are distinctive and how we can preserve this uniqueness to conceive a story that can only be

experienced if they come to this place and nowhere else. “Masterplanning is crucial, considering all the aspects of the project, site study, climate, type of venue and contents, theming, technology, operational needs, financial model, budget, programme and else, a proper layout for the experience is key for a successful development.

“Theming design is the star of an immersive experience. Here is where the magic starts, after a strong storyline and a deep research, we start visualising every environment, every scene, sets, logos, characters, backgrounds, props, textures, signage, sounds and effects. Either is a sequential or an open-layout experience, we study every aspect of the narrative and the best way to make the guest feel part of the story.

“Now, visualisation is the cherry on the cake. Here our Art and Technical teams make every project shine, delivering spectacular presentations, with stunning concept visuals, beautiful colour plans and high quality 3D Renders and animations.

“Once the conceptual stage is completed and approved, we proceed with the technical development, bringing all the ideas from schematic to detail Design, so they are ready for production.

“During the production stage, project management and art direction are the best way to guarantee the Design concept is successfully translated into the final product along with the full compliance with the quality standards. “There are many great professionals in this Industry in every speciality - design and planning, architecture, engineering, attractions, theme construction, operations, project management, but most times, only those companies or groups with the most versatile and multidisciplinary teams can really respond to the highly demanding projects out there, and bring them to life. We are proud to be among them.”

“Apart from the extra-wide projection surfaces, the latest innovations in printing technology and curtain suspension allow us to use technical textiles for large scale wall and dome coverings,” says Jan Blomme, ShowTex. “Having such an XL backdrop wrap around the full venue truly immerses the audience in the experience. Besides their huge visual impact, printed fabrics also have an acoustic benefit that really enhances the full guest experience. Flexible curtains on automated tracks can even be used to block sounds in rides or between different scenes. They also absorb light instead of reflecting it, which means the drapes can be lit up with conventional stage lighting


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