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Park Profile

PW: Tell me about your thrill rides. PV: • Megafobia - Voted one of the best wooden roller coasters in the world, Megafobia is Oakwood’s most famous ride, having been a staple at the park for over 20 years. Close to a kilometre in length and 26m in height at its highest point, it reaches over 77kph, going faster in wet weather.

• Speed - The UK’s original beyond-vertical drop rollercoaster, Speed takes riders on an exhilarating journey plunging and looping at speeds of up to 59mph.

• Drenched – This white-knuckle water ride sees riders slowly climb 100ft in the air, experiencing panoramic views across the park, before taking a tight turn and plunging back down. With speeds of up to 56mph and producing the biggest tidal wave in the UK (reaching 45ft), Drenched gets riders soaked.

• Vertigo - Standing at 85ft, Vertigo is the UK’s tallest sky-swing, sending three people flying through a huge arch into the sky and back down to the other side, again and again until they slow down.

•Witch Hunt - Witch Hunt is a live action scare maze which uses a combination of specially created audio, lighting and other effects, combined with the chilling presence of live actors, to thrill guests.

PW: Vertigo has to be booked separately doesn’t it? Does the experience live up to the name?! PV: As Vertigo takes time to set up and maintain, it can only fly a limited number of visitors each day. It’s the only ride at Oakwood where visitors need to book a time slot (which they can do as they enter the

park) and pay separately (£30 for three people). The experience is unforgettable, providing the

feeling of flying while also offering spectacular views of the park and surrounding Pembrokeshire countryside. As one of the flyers is responsible for pulling the release cord, the power is entirely in their hands, adding another layer of excitement.

PW: Which is the most popular thrill ride and why? PV: Megafobia is the most popular ride with people coming from all over the world to enjoy it thanks to its history, authenticity, reputation and unrivalled thrills.

PW: There’s lot’s for families too isn’t there? PV: Oakwood has plenty for families including smaller coasters like ‘Treetops’, which is set high up on the tree canopy, and ‘Creeper Crawler’ – a fast and bumpy grasshopper train. Oakwood also has thrilling slides including the famous, ‘Moon Landing’ (an almost vertical drop slide), Snake River Falls (a mix of open and closed water slides) and ‘Waterfall’ (a steep water flume). Then there’s ‘Dizzy Disk’, ‘Aerodrome’, which takes children to the skies in their own planes, and

‘Bobsleigh’ – a downhill bobsleigh which can be enjoyed alone or in pairs. ‘Neverland,’ a dedicated Peter Pan themed area,

has seven thrills suitable for children of all ages. From a flying swing carousel and treasure hunt, to a log flume, kids’ pirate ship and crocodile-themed mini- coaster, even the youngest explorers can get stuck in. Elsewhere, the park also has a trampoline area, spinning teacups, haunted house and soft play area.

PW: Which are the most popular family rides/attractions? PV: Dizzy Disk has already proven to be a huge hit with families, appealing to parents and children. The Neverland themed area is also very popular, offering something for all ages.

PW: Tell me about your other attractions PV: Oakwood has a mini golf course, shooting range and newly kitted-out arcade with a selection of coin-operated entertainment machines and challenges. Oakwood’s boating lake, where groups of up to five can cruise on pedal boats around the park’s lakes, is also a great way to pass the time.

PW: How important is it that theme parks also have a good indoor offer? PV: Given the unpredictable nature of UK weather, it’s important to have a good indoor offering. Whether guests are seeking shelter from the rain or a cool space on a hot summer’s day, we have them covered. Our massive indoor soft play area, Hooks House of Havoc, offers fun and adventure for everyone, and, as it’s under cover, is suitable for all weather.

PW: How do you decide which manufacturers to work with, and how closely do you like to work with them when developing new rides and attractions? PV: Oakwood has rides from a number of manufacturers from across the globe. Ultimately, price and service play a key role in decisions for us, along

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