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Mint the Merciless and The League of Misfit Candy; grab sweet gear from the Agent Supply Shop retail shop as they exit Reese’s Cupfusion; challenge each other at the Commander Cup Factory Game; meet the all-new Reese’s Cupfusion characters; and fuel up for another ride on Reese’s Cupfusion with new food offerings, including favourites at Chick-fil-A, Nathan's Famous, and Kosher food trucks, and new King Size Milkshakes inspired by Reese’s Cupfusion at Simply Chocolate dessert shop. Hultquist has ridden the new ride, of course.

“One of the perks of being a general manager of an amusement park is being among the first to ride a new attraction! I enjoy seeing teenagers who love gaming as well as multigenerational families riding and competing together, or against each other. We wanted this to be a ride for everyone from our youngest to our most competitive guests with a unique story that can only be found inside Hersheypark.”

Agile partners As the season progresses, Reese’s Cupfusion appears to be a big success. “We set a record for Memorial Day weekend attendance during the ‘grand unwrapping’ of Reese’s Cupfusion,” recalls Hultquiast, “so we’re delighted! The ride is available to our valued Season Pass Holders and resort guests as part of Sweet Start and a year round attraction for guests to enjoy. As we head into the expansion of Hershey’s Chocolatetown in 2020, it is another example of how Hersheypark is able to celebrate the public’s love of Hershey’s iconic brands and our shared roots with The Hershey Company.” Riders on the Reese’s Cupfusion and Whitecap

Racer attractions are given the latest technology to track their scores and view a free ride photo through HPGO, which connects a wristband with the Hersheypark app and seamlessly integrates with the enhanced Fast Track program. New this year is Fast Track Unlimited, which allows guests to skip the regular line on up to 14 attractions, including 12 coasters, all day long. Creating a unique dark ride required an

experienced team. “In concepting this ride,” Hultquist remembers, “we wanted to create original IP, story, characters, environment and a series of technical innovations from scratch - no easy task


and we wanted to get the story right. We took our time to develop the story so we were lucky to have agile partners like Raven Sun Creative and Sally Corporation to execute on a tight timeline of just eight to nine months.”

A fun collaboration “Sally and Raven Sun are leaders in their field and trusted partners,” she continues. “We asked Sally to manufacture a dark ride unlike any other and they helped us achieve the most targets in the world. Raven Sun handled the overall design of the attraction and ensured this was a unique story only we could tell. We’re very proud of the fact that this is a ride where the story and game really work together to elevate the guest experience and we couldn’t have had that success without the collaboration with Sally and Raven Sun.” “This was a fun collaboration between the park,

Raven Sun Creative, and Sally,” says Sally’s Lauren Wood Weaver. “Reese’s Cupfusion is designed to be the most interactive dark ride in the world, with more targets than any other ride and six ways to play. It’s the first storytelling attraction for the park as well, an IP especially created for them, and one they are extending into other areas of their park, not just the ride. Guests are loving the ride and embracing new characters. It’s great to see! Now, with the HPGO app, they can save their ride picture and compare scores all year long – re-riding and aiming to be in the Reese’s Hall of Fame.” “We set about establishing several benchmarks

for what we wanted to achieve for the guest experience,” adds Louis Alfieri of Raven Sun Creative, “for the Hershey brand, for Hersheypark,

and for the industry. We refused to stop designing until we all collectively felt that we had met and preferably exceeded each and every one of those criteria. We wanted to push the envelope in terms of what could be done for the budget and time limitation to achieve a project far and above what is typically available to regional parks.”

Pew-pew “We wanted to create a story unique to the brand that cannot be seen or experienced anywhere else on earth,” he continues. “We wanted to cater to individual tastes and skills at multiple levels, and to encourage re-rides to make new and constant discoveries. The reason for so much being in this attraction is to ensure it is impossible to see and identify everything in a few rides, it is intentionally kinetic and layered to drive constant levels of discovery. We wanted to create a new benchmark for the park and to push the industry further in what can be achieved with a media based gaming attraction, thus allowing a longer more interactive experience and life of the attraction for the guests. We wanted to challenge some current industry conventions such as a return to using the fundamentals of great theatrical design and spatial composition. There was significant use of show action equipment. Even if it’s simple Show Action, its incredibly kinetic and energetic and not just a static environment. We used atmospheric effects and layered sound and media design. There is integrated use of show sets and screens, not just driving from screen to screen going pew-pew (with the guns), to emphasize how important it is to carry the story and a guest mission throughout the attraction.” Reese’s Cupfusion joins more than 70 attractions

at the 121-acre theme park, including 14 mild to wild coasters and more than 20 kiddie rides. Included in the one-price admission is The Boardwalk at Hersheypark waterpark with more than one million gallons of water. Guests can make a splash on more than 16 attractions, including Breakers Edge Water Coaster, the first hydromagnetic coaster at Hersheypark, and Whitecap Racer, the longest mat racing slide in the world. ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park, an 11-acre, walk-through zoo that cares for more than 200 animals, is also included with admission to Hersheypark when entered through the Park.


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