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Park News

Hersheypark partners with MajorMega

Pennsylvania-based virtual reality studio and location-based entertainment company MajorMega has announced a research and development partnership with Hersheypark. The partnership brings Hyperdeck - MajorMega’s four-player, immersive virtual reality attraction - to one of the arcade areas in Hersheypark September 2, 2019. The 300-square-feet Hyperdeck will

fully immerse four players as they travel together across vast worlds and experiences on the Hyperdeck vessel, featuring a full-motion floor and multi- sensory effects such as strong winds, heat and earth-rattling movements. “Growing up in Central Pennsylvania,

our team has loved Hersheypark for years!” said Mike Bridgman, co-founder of MajorMega. “We are beyond excited by the opportunity to partner with a leader in the amusement industry and debut the Hyperdeck at

Hersheypark for a limited time.” MajorMega produces Hyperdeck

games in-house, which feature cooperative and competitive gameplay with leaderboards, spectator play, rollercoaster moments, story driven narratives and arcade-like action focusing on replayability. A unique element is spectator play, as onlookers can interact with players directly in the game to try to help or challenge the player via tablets from outside the Hyperdeck. The Hyperdeck uses a single, simple

to use touch-screen control panel to operate the attraction, requiring only one attendant to run it without complex training. The turnkey attraction is designed to be maintenance free with minimal electrical requirements and modular components that make upgrades fast, easy and convenient.

RCI and Kalahari Resorts team up for new Round Rock location

once again on a project that will debut several RCI adventure products to the public. Starting in November 2020, an


entirely new resort built by Kalahari will be open to patrons in Round Rock, Texas and it will be the largest resort constructed by the company to date. A 36 foot (11m) Sky Trail aerial attraction, child-centric Sky Tykes attraction and seven Clip ‘n Climb climbing walls are planned to challenge guests and serve as focal point activities inside of the resort’s adventure park, Tom Foolerys. The 80,000 square foot (7,432 sq m)

theme park situated inside of the larger resort is set to feature 250 arcade games, bowling and miniature golf in addition to the RCI adventure products. With plans to embrace a high energy environment and promote a free spirit mentality, Tom Foolerys will be a spot for families to unwind, make lasting memories and have a go on either the Sky Trail, Sky Tykes, Clip ‘n Climb climbing walls or all three combined. The 13 pole, two level Sky Trail itself will showcase 44 distinct interactive elements for participants to engage with such as two curved Sky Rails for individuals to glide across and a Walk the Plank element which consists of a six-inch (15 cm) wide beam with a color-wheel at its end that draws participants further along the beam for a chance to pull the hanging cable and set the spinning wheel in motion. Clip ‘n Climb climbing walls, seven in

total, will be integrated into the space near the larger Sky Trail and will each feature a variety of colours, designs and difficulty levels. A few of the climbing walls set to exist within the space include “Astroball,” “Twister,” and “Face to


opes Courses Incorporated (RCI) and Kalahari Resorts and Conventions are collaborating

Face.” The Sky Tykes attraction will be located in close proximity to the other two RCI attractions, underneath the Sky Trail, and will have its very own Sky Rail and ten interactive elements for children 4 feet tall (1.2 m) and under. “With the combined efforts of RCI,

and Kalahari Development, Tom Foolerys will itself be an indoor destination that has never before been seen,” explained Dave Thalacker, Kalahari Development project manager. “The massive complex is a fully themed, state of the art land and we feel these attractions are without a doubt, ones that our guests will enjoy over and over again.” This is not the first time that RCI and

Kalahari have joined forces as the two companies came together for the development of a Sky Trail with Sky Tykes inside of their Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin location in 2008 and a three-story Sky Trail within the Safari Outdoor Adventure Park at Kalahari’s Sandusky, Ohio location in 2010. “It is through

valued partnerships like the one with RCI, that Kalahari has dreamed new destinations,” added Thalacker. “RCI has

proven itself with durable, extremely well engineered, products that have stood the test of time.” The total capacity of the Sky Trail will

be approximately 60 participants, 12 for the Clip ‘n Climb climbing walls, and 15 for the Sky Tykes attraction. “Working with the Kalahari team over

the years has been exciting as we not only get to see the integration of our adventure products but the overall expansion and development of their resort experience as well,” said Jim Liggett, president and founder of RCI. “The Round Rock location will be its biggest yet and we’re confident guests of all ages will thoroughly enjoy every aspect of the entertainment provided.”


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