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Dark Rides

Reese’s Cupfusion opens at Hersheypark

This all new interactive gaming ride features the most targets in the world and six unique ways to play, says Sally Corporation

Reese’s Cupfusion

Fun Facts Show Size 12,500 sq ft (1,163 sq m) Track Length 525 ft (150 m) Scenic Height 20 ft (6.1 m) Vehicles 4 passenger, 360º rotation Number of Vehicles 14 Number of Scenes 10 Animated Props 92 Show Action Equip. 7 CGI Productions 19 Interactive Video 11 Shooters 60 Score Displays 60 Hall of Fame Board 1 Video Targets 90 Laser Targets 74

most targets in the world and six unique ways to play. Built in the classic tradition of a dark ride, it remains fully illuminated inside. It’s a dim ride that Hersheypark characterises as a gaming ride. “Hersheypark is the only amusement park with a gaming


attraction that merges the world's love of chocolate and peanut butter to create a sweet, full-sensory adventure for the entire family,” says Vikki Hultquist, general manager, Attractions & Entertainment. “We hope our first story-based attraction with multiple ways to play encourages guests to ride Reese’s Cupfusion all year.”

New characters The mission of Reese’s Cupfusion is for riders to become agents, protect the factory and ensure the world is never deprived of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The family friendly ride is located in the Founder’s Way area of the Park for guests 36 inches (91 cm) and taller . Sally Corporation is the manufacturer of Reese’s Cupfusion, EOS supplied the ride vehicles, and Raven Sun Creative handled the overall design of the attraction. Reese’s Cupfusion replaces and improves on the park’s

former dark ride, Reese’s Xtreme Cup Challenge. “Hersheypark is a unique destination for guests seeking fun and chocolate so it felt natural for us to create an interactive

dark ride showcasing one of the most popular Hershey brands - Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups,” explains Hultquist. “While our previous ride had our guests hitting targets on behalf of team chocolate or peanut butter, Reese’s Cupfusion is a one-of-a-kind, interactive gaming attraction that creates a full sensory experience for the whole family. The story line introducing various new characters like Commander Cup, Mint the Merciless, and The League of Misfit Candy, six different ways to score, and nearly double the ride time make this a completely new ride experience.” Riders on Reese’s Cupfusion become Reese’s Agent

Trainees at a futuristic factory that runs on Reese’s Spirit. At the heart of the factory is the legendary Crystal Cup, which collects and amplifies the love of chocolate and peanut butter to power the factory. Reese’s Agent Trainees protect the Crystal Cup under the guidance of Commander Cup. However, other new characters like Mint the Merciless and The League of Misfit Candy are on a mission of their own to steal the Crystal Cup.

Competing together Riders will power the factory and stun intruders by aiming their amplifier at fixed-based targets, motion-based targets, small media screens, large media screens, and cooperative group play that unlocks bonus points. “Feedback from opening weekend was overwhelmingly positive with guests complimenting the new technology, the multi-level game play and the unique elements of the story,” reports Hultquist. “Many enjoy the competitive aspect of riding over and over to discover more ‘Easter Eggs’ and improve their score to end up on the Reese’s Hall of Fame. Also popular is our new guest platform HPGO, a new free wristband guests can easily print out and integrate with the Hersheypark app to track ride stats and get a free in-app ride photo.” The mission continues outside Reese’s Cupfusion where guests can take a spin on two kiddie rides taken over by

38 AUGUST 2019

ersheypark amusement park, Hershey, Pennsylvania, has introduced Reese’s Cupfusion. The all-new interactive gaming ride features the

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