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Dark Rides

attraction. We are looking forward to working with Simworx on the project and to developing what I’m certain will be a very popular ride with guests to the park.” The first example of the new attraction is due to open at a

new shopping mall being developed by Trans Studio in Cibuber, outside Jakarta, Indonesia. In Europe, Movie Park Germany recently unveiled ‘Area

51 – Top Secret’, a detailed re-theming of the former ‘Bermuda Triangle’ water attraction. The popular family ride – unique in Europe with its dimensions on an area of more than 4,000 sqm and the mixture of dark ride and water ride – not only involves a new storyline, the external redesign of the attraction also takes visitors directly to Groom Lake in the Nevada desert, where the famous restricted US military area is located. The idea and concept came from Movie Park Germany’s own creative department, which developed it in close cooperation with the IMAmedia team. “With today’s opening of ‘Area 51 – Top Secret’ we are

presenting all our visitors with another season highlight. This attraction has been one of the most popular rides since the Park’s beginnings. We are thus particularly fond of this project, and the ride’s refurbishment is an essential part of our quality strategy. We are proud of the result and look forward to taking our visitors on a new exciting journey to one of the most mysterious places in the world”, says Managing Director Thorsten Backhaus. The ride’s new, epic musical identity, composed by

IMAscore and recorded with real instruments, accompanies guests during their discovery tour; 60 new media files were created, and more than 30 minutes of music were composed. A total of 20 SFX sound effects were used in “ ’rea 51 – Top Secret’, including the original sound files of the Bermuda Triangle as remastered versions. Not only are there ‘Easter Eggs’ in the 13 video files,

which were specially produced with professional actors, but also in the grounds of the newly themed area. The radio reports are also full of allusions to the old attraction. They also feature original facts about Groom Lake Air Force Base, such as names of landing strips and aircraft types, and were recorded by well-known dubbing actors in the USA. “The entire set and design now fit the storyline even better. From the new preshow to the scenes in the attraction itself,


we have freshened up the content and design of the attraction and breathed new life into it”, says project manager Manuel Prossotowicz. To make the attraction as authentic as possible, numerous

props and even genuine military items from the US Air Force were used: starting with the 100 percent true-to-original replicas of the Area 51 warning signs, a 1:3 scale military aircraft, typical US power poles, a surveillance tower or the typical Willy US military jeeps. Original military camp beds from 1950, original components of a US jet and genuine aircraft parts complete the attraction. One eye-catching highlight is also a 300 sqm original US Army parachute, normally used to make heavy loads and jeeps sail to the ground. Movie Park Germany not only redesigned the turntable and the boats of the ride in terms of colour but also completely overhauled and adapted them to the theme of the US Air Force Base. The design and colour schemes selected by the project team are strictly based on the original colours of the period. Since the Air Force base is located in the Nevada desert, the former volcano has also been adapted to the storyline and now boasts a new, red shine – matching the stones and rocks in the American desert – and has been given the typical mine entrance look of the region. “In addition to many local companies, a large part of

the redesigning process was carried out by the Movie Park Germany team itself. We are particularly proud of this”, says managing director Thorsten Backhaus. Thorsten goes on to explain that the most important cooperation partner in the decorative re-design of the outdoor area was Dutch company Props NL, which made the large decorative elements for the Park, such as the jeeps and military aircraft, a reality. Summing up the changes, Thorsten says: “ Redesigning the

attraction will enable us to reach our target group very effectively. The ride has always been a popular destination for families. Thanks to the thematic and creative refresh, we will now be able to present them with a new highlight in the summer and provide them with the right refreshment. With ‘Area 51 – Top Secret’, we have also come up with a subject that still raises many questions and provides a topic for discussion. The idea of supernatural life forms has already


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