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The Finalists Bes Best Tiic • Gat cket ng & Access tingi

Control Product InIn App ic

Control Product • At

Gateway Tiic Galaxy

• Intercar

•QWEEKLE All-in-Onel

Parafait Pa

Galaxy Connect Intercard

App Ticketing at xy Connect


ting at Pau tons a cket ng Sy ems Systems

aultl ons Parrks tingi

The EdgThe Edge –Mob le App Collection QWEEKLE

Mobilei App Collection

CentterManagement • Semno Solutions Semnox Solutions Pa

Al-in-One So ution f for Amusementor Amusement Cen er Management

ParkManagement Solutions

Bes Use of echnology Accesso

Best Use of Technology • Ac

• Alterf

accesso asspor accesso LoQueue The Experrience Engine Solutions att The Bear Grrylls Adventurre:: Birrmingham rface

accesso Passportt,, accesso LoQueue & The Expe ience Engine Solutions a The Bear G lls Adventu e Bi mingham Alter ace

Er atic echnology in opco at Walibi Belgium

alibi Belgium

Dynamic Attractions Batman Knigh Fligh a World Abu Dhabi • Maurer Rides

• Dynamic ttractions

Batman Knightt Flightt att Warne B os Wo

Maurer Rides

• Pixiel Ne

Spike Coaster at Skyline Park Germany Pixiel

Spik Coas er at Skyline Pa Neopter: Show with Drones

• Picsolve Experience

• Polin Wa

at Puy de ou Picsol

at Puy de Fou

Experience Wa atWalalll at Seali Sealiffe London Po Waterparks


Splash VR at aloma Orenda esor • Sal Sallly Corporation Sesame

Famlamili y R de of he Ye • A terf Altl er ace,rface, Jore, Jora Viision, ETF Ride Sy ems

Po tAventuraWorld Ridei

• Pur

ETF Ride Systems Po

ETF Ride Systems Ani-Mayhem a

• Ve Vekoma

Haunted House Monsterr Pa yarrtty at LEGOLANDWindso • Sall Corporation Sesame

Haunted HouseMons e at LEGOLAND Windsorr Sally Corporation

Sesame Streetreet: Stree Mission a Po A

PorttAventura World

• MerlinMagicMaking Alton, Ensee, FearFX, Pits op

Merlin Magic Making Alton, Ensee, earFX,

Productions, UK Loco, Sarner Internationall & Seeper

Productions, UK Loco, Sarner Internationa Ro

X, Pitstop Seeper

Room on the Broom – A Magical Journe a Chessing on Adventurres

Journey att Chessingtton World o Adventu es

orld off

• Thinkwell, ETF Ride Sy ems Scooby-Doo:: The Museum off Mysterries att Warne B os Wo Abu Dhabi

Thinkwell, ETF Ride Systems Scoob -Doo TheMuseum o My e ies a Ab

arnerr Brros.. Worldorld Sponsored by: treet Mission att e, Thinkwell,

ETF Ride Sy ems World Abu Dhabi

Sesame Sttrreet: SttrreetMission at PortA

ee Mission at ear s,

of the Year sion,

Popcorn Revenge at Walibi Belgium Pure Imagination AlterAlterface,

Imagination Studios, rface, Thinkwell,

Ani-Mayhem att Warne Bros Wo

arnerr Bros.. tudios,

Splash VR at Paloma Orenda Resort Corporation ee

ar German arnerr Brros..

Erratic Technology in Popcorrn Reveng at

enge ccess

FEC eatur of he Ye HOLOGATE


• Inf atable Theme ar • KO

• Lagotronics • Sim or


GameChange a TEKZONE rx

GameChangerr att TEKZONE Simworx

Nic elodeon Adventu e • Vi

Onmiverrse VR Arrena Media-based • Alter ace, Jor

of he Ye ear

ETF Ride Systems Po

• Dynamic • Jor Onmive se VR A ena

Media-based Attractionttraction of the Year

Alterface, Jora Viision, ETF Ride Sy ems


Popcorn Revenge at Walibi Belgium Dynamic Attractions Batman Knigh Fligh a War World Abu Dhabi Jora Visionision


Batman Knightt Flightt att Wa ner Bros Wo

Imagination tudios arner Bros..

Mon Beaujolais at Hameau Dubœuf • Pure Imagination Studios

arner Bros.World Abu Dhabi orld bu Dhabi

• SimtecSimtec Vo

• Simworx Ro

at CinecittàWorldorld rx

Volarium – The Flying Cinema at Cinecittà Wo Sim or

Mesozoïk Island at Parc Spi Spirrou Roller Coaster of the Ye alibi Rhône-Alpes

Mesozoïk Island at ar ou Year

• Ger tlauer Amusement Rides Mystic att Walibi Rhône-Alpes

• Intamin TA

Gerstlauer Amusement Rides My tic a Intamin

• Intamin

TAIGA at Linnanmäki Intamin

• Mac Rides • Ro

• Zierer

Colossos amp De Giganten at Heide Parrk Mack Rides

Colossos Kampff Derr Giganten at Heide a

ICICON a Blackpoo Pleasu

Construction Group Untamed at Wa Zierer

Construction Group Un

Pioneer a OK Co a Themed Pioneer att OK Corrrall

Themed Attraction of he Year • Alter ace, Jor Systems

Alterface, Jora Vision, ETF Ride Sy ems Po

• Dynamic

Popcorn Revenge at Walibi Belgium Dynamic Attractions Batman Knigh Fligh a Wa World Abu Dhabi


Batman Knightt Flightt att Warne B os Wo

• Ger tlauer

• Leolandia La o es

Gerstlauer, Leisur r, Leisure Exper

La f forresta diMasha O so at Leolandiaat Leolandia

di Masha e Orrso Expert

Group, Themebuilders, 2Creat Land off Legends att Bobbejaanland

Group, Themebuilders, 2Create Land o Legends a Bobbejaanland Leolandia

arnerr Brros..

ttraction of the Ye ision, ETF Ride


ON att Blackpooll Pleasurre Beac Rocky Mountain

Walibi Holland Beach

Mon Beaujolais at Hameau Dubœuf Pur

Superman 360: Battle forMetropolis atWarner Bros. Wo

Superman 360: Battle for Metropolis at Wa

Nickelodeon Adventurre:: Par ues Re

Reunidos, Murcia & Madrid Virtuix


FEC Feature of the Year • HOLOGAT HOLO

Infllatable Theme Parks Ltd. Gr vity itness Cent es ac oss he UK

Gravity Fitness Centrres acrross the UK KOEZIO



NA at VR Park Dubai Ltd.

The Finalists ear

• SalSallly Corporation Sesame

at PortAventuraWorldorld

Sesame Sttrreet: SttrreetMission at Po AvortA entur

Corporation ee

ee Mission

•MerlinMagicMaking Alton, X,

Ensee, earFX, Pitstop s,

Journe at Chessington of Adventures

Merlin Magic Making Alton, Ensee, FearFX, Pits op

Productions, UK Loco, Sarner International

Productions, UK Loco, Sarner International & Seeper Ro


Room on the Broom – AMagical Journey at ChessingtonWorldorld of Adventures

• Scruffy Dog Global Services

• Dynamic • Fu

Scruffy Dog Global CreativCreative Services

CanCan Coaster at Europa-Park Thrill Ride of the Ye

CanCan Coas er at Europa-Par Thrill Ride of he Yea


Dynamic Attractionsttractions Batman Knigh Fligh a World Abu Dhabi Funtime

• Intamin Ti


Batman Knightt Flightt atWa ner Bros. Wo

t Wa r

Highlander att Hansa-Park • Maurer Rides

Highlander a Hansa-Par Maurer Rides

• Zamperla

Zamperla BO

of he Ye • At

• CL CorCL Corp Ru

• Po • Po

Hi-Sky R80XL a Hi-SkyMünchen Tigeren at Djurs Sommerland BOOM at Särkäniemi

Hi-Sky R80XL att Hi-Sky München Intamin

Waterpark Attraction of the Year Attraktion!

ear Cinesplash 5D a Jungle Splash a

• Proslide Wa Wa

Cinesplash 5D att Yas

Jungle Splash att Tropical sland esor s Polin Wa St

Waterparks Waterparks

Storm Racer at Aqualand Frejus Proslide

Waka Waka at Skara Sommarland • wiegand.water ides bmG Aquaventura at Bellewaerde Aq

wiegand.waterrides GmbH Aq av

Water Ride of he Ye • Mac Rides

• Re

Merlin Ques a everchon

La Riviè • SBF d’Acclimattation

ater Ride of the Year Mack Rides


Merlin’s Quest att Toverland Rev


La Rivièrre des hèv es a Ja din d’ cclima ation

des chèvrres att Jarrdin

Pirattensumpff att Freizeit-Land Geiselwind • Thinkwell, Intamin

SBF Viisa Group Pira ensump a

sa Group eizeit-Land Geiselwind Thinkwell, Intamin

• Zierer L’

The Flints ones Bed oc Rive Adventurre at War World Abu Dhabi Zierer

L’ile aux Pieuvres at Fr

• Zierer Fa Sauv ag

Fraispertuis Citty Pay Park Zierer

Sauvetage Academ a Bobbejaanland

• Djur Sommerland • Hansa ar

Family Park of the Ye • Bobbejaanland

Djurs Sommerland Hansa Park

cademy att Futuroscope Year


The Flintstones Bedrrock Riverr Adventu Wo

at Wa ne B os Movie arnerr Brros.. Movie H Aquapark as Water o d

Run the River at O’Gliss Park Polin Wa

opical I Island Resortts aterworrlld arrner Bros.

• Linnanmäki • OK Cor a • Wa

Linnanmäki OK Corrall

Walibi Belgium

•Walibi Rhône-Alpes FEC of he Ye

FEC of the Year • 360 Pla • Fa

• KidZania • Megapolis • Sparky’

360 Play Fabyland KidZania Megapolis Sparky’s

• VR ar Duba • Xtr

Xtreme Zone Lar Efteling

• Europa-Par • Gardaland • Liseber • Pa • Pa • Po

Europa-Park Gardaland Liseberg

Parc Astérix Paultons Pa


PortAventura World • TIVOLI ARDENS •Wa

Warner Bros.World Ab



Live Enter ainment of he Ye • Fi ewFireworks at Alton Towers Re

• Elektr k spettacolaser at Leolandia

• Fa

Favola at Leolandia • Ho Ice at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Hot Ice at Blackpool Pleasur Beac

• The Joker Surpr se arty at Warner Bros. Ab

The Joker Surpriise Party at

Abu Dhabi

• Le Premier Ro at Puy du ou

at Puy du Fou

• Super oop tunt Sho at Globall Villag Duba

Superlloop Stunt Show at Globa

Seasona Eve illage Dubaii

Seasonall Event of he Ye • Christmas at LEGOLAND HalLEOween at Leolandia Halloween FrightNights at Walibi Holland

ight Nights at

• Shocktober es at ull Scream Park

•W •W


Hyde Park Wiinterf Wo

World Abu Dhabi

Waterpark of the Ye • Aq • Aq • Aq

Aqua Mexicana Aqualibi Belgium

• Caribe Ba • Siam ar

Aquaventure Waterpark Caribe Bay Siam Park

• Tropical Islands Re • Ya Wa

Yas Waterworld Resort Year

Shocktober Fest at Tullys Scream ar Wiinter Wo Hyde ar

Wonderland at rfest at Ferrari

vent of the Year ear

Christmas at LEGOLAND Windsorindsor • HalLEOween at Leolandia • Hallo een Wa

• Miracle of Lights at Slagharen Resort

Miracle of Lights at Slagharen Theme Park & Re

arner Bros. Worldorld Royaume

Elektriika spettacolaser at Leolandia

Entertainment of the Year Resort


VR Park Dubaii Xt eme Zone

Large Theme par Theme park of he Ye • Ef eling

of the Year ear

alibi Rhône-Alpes ear



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