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Dark Rides

Mixing it up a little

been taken up in numerous films and thus fits perfectly with our DNA as a film park.”

More from the movies As the hotly-anticipated Trans Studio Cibubur theme park approaches its grand opening near Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta, officials have unveiled details of the park’s star attraction, ‘Pacific Rim: Shatterdome Strike’ – what it calls a “ groundbreaking, mega dark ride” based on the hit motion picture franchise from Legendary Entertainment. The experience takes place in four distinct parts

encompassing a nearly 20-minute run time, and puts guests face to face with three new deadly Kaijus making their debut within the ride, each with unique powers and abilities. The experience begins at the launch ceremony for the Pan

Pacific Defense Corp’s (PPDC) first Mark VII Jaeger, Storm Garuda. Guests will experience the thrill of piloting the most advanced mobile weapon in the PPDC’s fleet thanks to the imaginative combination of 3D film sequences, practical effects, and state of the art ride vehicle technology. ‘Pacific Rim: Shatterdome Strike’ takes place in four distinct

parts encompassing a nearly 20-minute run time, and puts guests face to face with three new deadly Kaijus making their debut within the ride, each with unique powers and abilities. Trans Studio enlisted the talents of Legacy Entertainment,

the Hollywood-based entertainment design firm, to design, direct and produce the attraction, and Lay-Carnagey Entertainment (“ LCE” ), an innovative media production team, to direct and produce the attraction’s media components. At the heart of the attraction, conceptualised and

implemented by Legacy Entertainment’s creative team led by Taylor Jeffs, Chris Moschella and writer/creative director Lee Roe, is an action-packed 3D film experience directed by LCE’s Roger Lay Jr, that is seamlessly blended into a larger than life ride experience with elements of live theatre, immersive environments, and motion-based ride technology. The “ Pacific Rim: Shatterdome Strike” experience expands

the Pacific Rim mythology by introducing new Jaegers and Kaiju to the growing universe. Trans Studio worked closely with Legendary Entertainment to ensure that all of the new story elements, technology, and creatures would fit into the ever-evolving Pacific Rim canon.


Benoit Cornet, CEO and founder of Alterface tells Park World why its Erratic Ride is an exciting prospect for parks large and small. Dark rides have traditionally been linear,

following a fixed track that drives the vehicles and visitors. With platform-based rides in the past we were confronted all the time with the difficulty of making a strong ride with great transitions and a non-repetitive experience. We therefore preferred the challenge of changing the rules of dark rides completely, which was only possible with our expertise and technology. The idea of these non-linear experiences had been on our mind for a very long time, even going back to 2001, when we presented the first concept of a non-linear and interactive walking experience. Yet from a technical point of view the vehicles were most of the time track-based and furthermore non-linear storytelling requires specific tools. While there are today already certain rides offering some sort of non-linearity, it is still very restricted to predefined tracks with very limited impact on the storytelling. The concept of Alterface’s Erratic Ride goes way beyond those limits and is only scratching the surface of what can be achieved in the future. Parks want to diversify their attraction

offering and an interactive dark ride is high on their wish list today. It can offer a high throughput on a relatively small space, and the indoor aspect makes it an all-year round attraction. Furthermore, visitors ask for more immersive experiences with deeper dimensions, including physical thrills and mental challenges. That’s where the storytelling and theming kicks in. The new Alterface Erratic Ride is a wonderful concept to tell many different stories on a compact environment. It can accommodate many characters and IPs to fit the park’s theming. Walibi Belgium has chosen the Bollywood cinema theme within the new Indian Karma World. To extend and reinforce the attraction

experience, the park developed a whole range of popcorn merchandising, which help fund the attraction. This would not have been profitable with a popular IP. Popcorn Revenge is obviously not the only option and because of the compactness of the ride we will offer Erratic Rides for many different purposes and IPs. The breakthrough of our new Erratic Ride

is mainly in the capability to provide a great experience, a high throughput in a compact environment. It can be used where a linear ride would not even be possible. Dead ends, pillars, insufficient radius angles etc, can easily be addressed and make it even more exciting. So aside of the superior ride experience it provides, the Erratic makes it easy for parks to access this type of family attraction without major facility investments. They can concentrate on the content and what the visitors will experience, which is what really matters. Part of the innovation is an improved

communication between the vehicles and the show control system. There is a more bi-directional communication to ensure that all safety procedures are performed with 100% certainty. On the content side, the change of paradigm is more obvious than a linear ride dealing with a regular show control system to synchronise movies, props and lights, and a series of game engines and movie players. In the case of Erratic, the show control system evolves into an "interactive storytelling engine”. The current Erratic Ride has a solid

throughput of 500 people per hour, making it a strong performer for a regional park like Walibi Belgium with Popcorn Revenge. For larger venues, the Erratic XXL is the solution with a capacity of up to 1000 people per hour. Because it can accommodate difficult room configurations it is a brilliant solution for FEC and indoor parks. We have already designed some packages that allow for adjustment of each attraction to different geographies and type of partners.


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