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GameChanging Smurfs “The past year has been a madhouse (in a positive way) with very diverse projects” grins Mark. “At the moment we’re working on a Smurf themed GameChanger for Shimao’s Smurfs theme park (phase two of Shimao Dream City Theme Park) in Shanghai.” The park will have four themed zones, one is outdoor and the others indoor; The Forest, Gargamel’s House, The Outdoors and Smurfs Village. The GameChanger will be located in Smurfs Village and is completely developed and installed by Lagotronics Projects. The game-play will differ from common interactive media Dark Rides: instead of playing the game in a static scene, the players now will feel like they’re moving through the scenes because of the dynamic viewpoint. A true swamp adventure! “We are thrilled with this project for several

reasons; The Smurfs is a world-wide well known IP and brand. It’s so much fun to develop a game-story and ride with these little blue dwarfs! We are now working on this full steam – it’s a blast actually!”

GameChanger proves to be a hit In 2016, Shimao already had the scoop of opening the very first GameChanger in the world (Max Ranger in Skyscraper City, Shishi). Now choosing this rotating Dark Ride again for the Smurfs theme park proves that the ride offers nothing but advantages. For example the high guest capacity on a relatively small footprint, affordable costs, scalable up or down, adaptable in theme and suitable for different environments. Furthermore, this rotating interactive Dark Ride can be completely customised to the client’s needs: persons per seat, number of game scenes, theming, decoration, interactive devices, 3D or 2D video games, physical targets, special effects, score monitors, and so on. There are already four GameChangers installed all over the world, with many more to come.

Delivered projects: interactive rides and Edutainment April 2019 saw the opening of the brand-new Dark Ride ‘Farm de Bang Bang’ in Nagashima Spa Land.

Farm de Bang Bang, Nagashima Spa Land

“Lagotronics Projects was asked to design a new indoor attraction for an existing building in the park. We suggested and designed our funny Farm Fair theme in an interactive 3D Dark Ride, and the park management soon became very charmed of the idea!” The ride has seven 3D game scenes, a pre and

after show and 10 agricultural-themed vehicles, each seating four persons. Every vehicle has two built-in score monitors, so visitors can keep track of their score. Every ride-player has his own carrot-shooter to play the 3D video game. During the pre-show the game is being explained by the main characters of the Farm Fair story: Horse, Cat and Rooster. Visitors even get the opportunity to practice, so they can start the Farm Fair adventure with full confidence! The real-time video game is based on full HD

quality graphics. Targets appearing in the game show the number of points that can be scored. Once hit, it will give an immediate visible effect. This ‘art of interactivity’ gives players the feeling of a real game in which they actually interact and change the gameplay! In addition, they are awarded with points for every hit. When leaving the ride, visitors pass by two big score monitors which show their scores. This will challenge them to ride and play again to improve their score and defeat their fellow-players. For a behind-the scenes look at how the project came together, turn to page 37 of our ‘Dark Ride Special’. Other recently delivered projects include two

outdoor rides at Plopsaland De Panne (Belgium); TEKZONE FEC (Kuwait); an educational VR experience for the World Pavilion (the Netherlands)

GameChanger TEKZONE

and an educational project for the Risk Factory (the Netherlands). “Lagotronics Projects provided a tech-upgrade for

two rides that had been operational at Plopsaland for some time,” says Mark. One of the rides included a castle with a Knights theme; Mark explains that they wanted to change it into a dinosaur themed water attraction for which Lagotronics Projects, together with a decoration provider, created all of the animatronics and show control systems. Lagotronics is now looking forward to working on two more of these rides at other parks. The other ride at Plopsaland was the water splash attraction ‘Wicky the Battle’, for which they provided the upgrade of interactives and shooter targets. The scope of Lagotronic’s work also lends itself

very well to Family Entertainment Centres (FEC’s); TEKZONE Kuwait is an excellent example of this. “This was an interesting experience for us,” says Mark. “They wanted to make use of a tremendous amount of LED walls, some curved, some straight, with images projected onto them. We projection mapped a video image onto the entire floor that changes theme every 15 minutes; from desert to ocean, jungle and so on.” The project used almost 100 projectors! A great opportunity for us to show off our AV capabilities,” says Mark. “And last minute, they decided to take our advice about installing a GameChanger as well. It’s called ‘Zizo’s Photo Shoot’. Zizo has a passion for adventure and during each season of the year, he travels to visit his family members. Every scene in the ride represents a season, in which Zizo has to take pictures to collect family memories. A fun Dark Ride experience for the whole family, on a small area.” Another special project the company recently

created is a brand-new educational VR experience for the World Pavilion in Steyl (the Netherlands). It gives visitors an “extraordinary” experience of the daily life in Ghana. The World Pavilion is a cultural experience centre where schools, families and organisations learn more about multiple African cultures, by playing games, role playing and workshops. So this newest programme is about Ghana, where visitors learn about daily life in Ghana, its culture, religion and refugees. The educational programme has three parts: a bus ride, life in a typical Ghanaian village and a dangerous journey of a boat refugee. “The bus ride is impressive: by replacing the

windows of a real bus with monitors, which show video content of an actual ride through Ghana, the whole experience is very realistic,” says Mark. The

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